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Family doctor consultation

Any symptoms and conditions that cause discomfort or pain including acute respiratory disease require immediate consultation with a family doctor. It is more effective to prevent the disease and its complications than to treat chronic diseases with severe consequences.

While seeing a patient GP or a family doctor of the Dobrobut MC does the following:

  • collects patient’s complaints to find out all circumstances (when the disease began, what medicines a patient took, what caused the deterioration of the condition, the epidemiological environment, contacts, and others);
  • collects patient’s health history, which is the key point of receiving information (vaccination status, allergic reactions, chronic diseases, medicines a patient takes on continuous basis , surgical interventions, cancer and cardio diseases in the family, bad habits, heredity, etc.);
  • physical examination by assessing patient’s general condition, measuring body temperature and BMI, assessing skin and subcutaneous tissue condition, examination of ENT organs (otonososcopy, tonsils and mucous membranes of the oral cavity, nose, eyes, ear canals), palpation of lymph nodes, detection of edema, measurement of oxygenation (pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate respiratory movements, shortness of breath, involvement of auxiliary muscles, symmetry are also assessed), percussion and auscultation of the lungs (for respiratory murmurs), schematic auscultation of the heart (cardiac sounds at different points, cardiac rhythm, additional noises), gastrointestinal system (palpation of the abdomen, finding out information about nutrition, bowel movements, assessment of the tendency to dehydration), assessment of urination (quantity, color and its cause, examining indicators, if any);
  • examination results and preliminary diagnosis;
  • the need for laboratory examination, consultations of medical specialists;
  • prescriptions and discussion of prescribed medications (if any);
  • discussion of additional recommendations (day regimen/diet, living conditions, water balance, etc.);
  • if necessary, taking the patient to the Continuous Medical Aid Service for regular monitoring.

How to contact the Dobrobut MC family doctor immediately in case of illness?

  • if the case requires an immediate response, call the ambulance;
  • if you need a consultation that does not require the patient’s presence you can contact the family doctor through the call-center;
  • If a doctor is currently busy or in the operating room, the CMA Service will help to engage another doctor. Also, CMA Service employees will help if the doctor with whom you scheduled a visit cannot receive you for some reason. The appointment can be rescheduled or you will be received by another doctor.

Family doctor diagnostics

To monitor health condition of various aged patient and to make a diagnosis, family doctors use all instruments of modern diagnosis available in the Dobrobut MC. Some doctors are certified as functional diagnosticians and conduct examinations on their own.

Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnosis means examination of blood and other biological materials for getting information about the condition of the patient’s body, determining the level of important indicators in the body and specifying the cause of the disease.

These are laboratory diagnostics indicators commonly used by family doctors of the Dobrobut MC for making diagnosis and prescribing treatment:

  • cardiaс markers;
  • lipids (fractional);
  • indicators of coagulation (d-dimer, INR, etc.);
  • express tests (rotavirus, flu, streptococcus, Covid-19, hepatitis);
  • liver function tests;
  • bacterial culture of fluids /mucus for flora and antibiotic sensitivity;
  • blood count, urinanalysis, C-reactive protein, procalcitonin;
  • immunoglobulin testing for detection of various diseases.

Instrumental diagnostics

Instrumental diagnosis means the use of medical equipment for examining the body. Instrumental diagnostic methods are used by family doctors to obtain cardiovascular system.

To monitor health condition of various aged patient and to make a diagnosis, family doctors use all instruments of modern diagnosis available in the Dobrobut MC. Some doctors are certified as functional diagnosticians and conduct examinations on their own.

Vaccine prophylaxis

Many people think that vaccination is only for children, but this is not the case. The situation with adult vaccinations in Ukraine leaves much to be desired: 80% of the adult population do not have vaccinations provided for by the National Vaccination Schedule as the effective way to prevent disease, and also they protect against serious consequences in case of illness. Therefore, a person should be vaccinated in childhood and revaccinated in adulthood.

Children are vaccinated from birth and further on according to the vaccination schedule of the Ministry of Health.

Mandatory vaccinations for adults:

  • diphtheria and tetanus. The first scheduled revaccination of adults who were previously vaccinated with ADS-M vaccine is scheduled at the age of 26 years, followed by a planned revaccination with a minimum interval of 10 years from the previous vaccination;
  • measles, rubella and mumps. Adults need to be vaccinated against these diseases if vaccination has not been carried out in childhood and there is no medical data on immunization;
  • hepatitis B vaccination is provided to all adults - three doses with an interval of 0-1-6 months, it is mandatory for medical workers and recommended for women planning pregnancy.

Recommended vaccinations:

  • against chickenpox 2 times with an interval of 4-6 weeks for adults of any age. Sometimes chickenpox has complications in the form of pneumonia, meningitis and encephalitis;
  • against pneumococcal infection for adults, especially for the elderly, as they are more likely to receive pneumonia;
  • against meningococcal infection, primarily for the military, laboratory workers and doctors;
  • against hepatitis A;
  • against human papillomavirus infection, which can lead to cervical cancer. It is also carried out in adulthood after consulting a gynecologist and testing for human papillomavirus.

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Family doctor consultation

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