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“Dobrobut” Medical Center for the whole family in Brovary

st. Kievskaya, 221-B, Brovary
Mon-Sat: 8:00-20:00; Sun: 9:00-19:00
The new subdivision of the Dobrobut medical network in Brovary provides a full range of medical services for adults and children and can receive about 650 outpatients daily. Center is located in a modern 4-storey building at st. Kyivska, 221-B, Brovary.

Center is located in a modern 4-storey building at st. Kievskaya, 221-B.

The structure of the Dobrobut-Brovary center includes:

  • Clinical and advisory polyclinic for children and adults;
  • emergency service for children and adults;
  • department of vertebrology and rehabilitation treatment;
  • pharmacy.

Dobrobut is a private clinic with the best technologies in Ukraine and highly qualified specialists. It is a medicine that is always open to people who seek help.

Our goal is to keep our patients healthy and to make their families happy.

A feature of the clinic's work is the practice of creating multidisciplinary teams of specialists capable of comprehensively assessing complex medical situations.

Our goal is to take care, to be there when it’s necessary, to protect against diseases and teach people how to prevent, to heal when it’s necessary, to inspire the development and choice of a healthy and full of positive emotions life.

Specialist consultations

Our doctors offer high quality treatment and prevention of diseases, surround each patient with care and attention, make sure that both adult patients and children feel as comfortable as possible.

Specialists at the medical center for children and abuts in Brovary work in the following areas

Dytinologist. Our specialists treat the child in a comprehensive manner, providing professional assistance. The examination takes place with minimal stress and fear for the child and its parents. Dytinologists of "Dobrobut" MN are experts in the peculiarities and subtleties of children's health.

  • pediatricians,
  • neurologists,
  • psychologists,
  • speech therapists,
  • ophthalmologists,
  • ENT doctors,
  • dermatologists,
  • cardio rheumatologist,
  • allergists,
  • gastroenterologists,
  • endocrinologists,
  • surgeons,
  • orthopedic traumatologists,
  • urologists,
  • gynecologists,
  • hematologists.

Medical specialists for the adult population. The Dobrobut-Brovary medical center welcomes doctors of the highest and first categories, doctors and candidates of medical sciences with extensive practical experience and high theoretical training.

  • family doctors,
  • therapists,
  • pulmonologists,
  • cardiologists,
  • rheumatologists,
  • ophthalmologists,
  • ENT doctors,
  • vascular surgeons,
  • gastroenterologists,
  • endocrinologists,
  • neurologists,
  • surgeons,
  • proctologists,
  • urologists,
  • obstetricians-gynecologists,
  • allergists,
  • oncologists;
  • dermatovenereologists-cosmetologists.

Department of vertebrology and rehabilitation treatment

The specialists of the department have in their arsenal the most modern medical and rehabilitation equipment, author's methods of correction of the spine and joints, professional massage, have osteopathic treatment, visceral injection and other techniques and provide services for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

  • protrusion and hernia of intervertebral discs;
  • radiculitis, radiculopathy, neuralgia;
  • lumbago, dorsago, cervicago;
  • headaches, dizziness, migraines;
  • tendinopathies, fasciitis, bursitis, heel spur;
  • arthrosis of large joints;
  • vertebral dysfunction of internal organs;
  • rehabilitation treatment after operations on the spine and limbs.

Field services of specialists

In the life of every person, a situation may arise when it is necessary to receive medical services without leaving home.

For your comfort, we offer on-site services:

  • Consultation of a therapist/family doctor
  • Consultation of a pediatrician
  • Calling a nurse (paramedic)


The clinic is equipped with the latest equipment for the disease’s treatment and diagnosis (MRI, MSCT, ultrasound, X-ray, ECG, ECHO СG, a wide range of laboratory tests, including express tests, etc.).

Dobrobut's medical practice is based entirely on the recommendations of evidence-based medicine within the current standards, the use of clinical protocols and the formulary of medicines.

The following studies can be conducted at the center

  • laboratory and instrumental diagnostics;
  • a wide range of laboratory tests;
  • express diagnostics (general analysis of blood, urine, blood glucose, CRP, rapid test for Covid-19, influenza virus, etc.);
  • computed tomography, MRI, radiography for children and adults;
  • a full range of ultrasound examinations for children and adults, including prenatal ultrasound;
  • daily monitoring of blood pressure and ECG;
  • cardiotocography;
  • colposcopy;
  • spirography, etc.

The clinic uses a modern Toshiba Astelion computed tomography, which allows examining all human organs and systems.

The scanner has a 72 cm diameter gantry aperture and a 20 cm detector width. It’s possible to scan with a slice thickness of 0.5 mm, which makes it easy to see the smallest anatomical details. Thanks to the use of its special processing algorithms, the image has a high contrast, which is most important for examinations with increased amplification. One of the areas of work of Toshiba/Canon is to reduce the dose of ionizing radiation during diagnostic procedures. On this tomography, the dose during the examination is minimal, especially when using pediatric protocols, because the slightest dose of radiation to a child with a good diagnostic image is a world trend.

The Toshiba Vantage Elan magnetic resonance imaging machine allows MRI of almost all organs and systems, with the exception of the heart.

In this MR system, low noise level is combined with patient comfort due to a wide table, flexible body coils that securely fix the examined area and provide high image quality, while minimizing discomfort for a patient.

It is possible to perform MRI examination of the brain, non-contrast angiography of the main arteries of the brain, examination of the neck, chest, abdominal cavity, male and female pelvis, all joints, all parts of the spine with high resolution, the scanning time of one area is 15-40 minutes. The contrast agent used for MRI further increases the information content of the examination, while it is safe for a person from the first days of life, does not contain iodine, and is not contraindicated for patients with diabetes mellitus. It is also possible to conduct studies even on patients with metal implants and fragments in the body, provided that these foreign elements are in the body for a certain period of time and are not located directly in the scanning area (for example, if you need to do an MRI of the head, and there is a plate in the leg or arm, then do research is possible).

Advantages of the Dobrobut medical center in Brovary

  • Providing a full cycle outpatient and diagnostic services at a convenient time for you.
  • A preliminary appointment for a consultation with a doctor, followed by sms-informing, saves you time and makes your visit to the clinic as comfortable as possible.
  • High level of qualifications and professionalism of our specialists.
  • Modern equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.
  • The clinic has created a system of assistance, covering a cycle of actions from the moment of seeking help to full recovery or the maximum possible recovery of the patient.
  • Comprehensive health programs for children and adults will help determine the state of health, detect diseases at an early stage and begin timely treatment.
  • Monitoring pregnancy with medical documentation.
  • Patronage of children 1 year of life and counseling on breastfeeding.
  • Accompanying children when applying for a kindergarten, school, medical examination of applicants, and the like.
  • Vaccination of children and adults.

Important to us

  • Complexity and efficiency:

We take a comprehensive approach to your health, pay a lot of attention to a healthy lifestyle, and treat so that you get sick less often.

  • Prevention and prompt assistance:

We prioritize prevention and know how to cure if needed.

  • Friendliness and comfort:

We create a friendly and positive atmosphere in which our patients feel as calm, confident and comfortable as possible.

You can make an appointment with a doctor, as well as find out the cost of services and research prices, on the clinic's website or by calling the call-center.

“Dobrobut” Medical Center for the whole family in Brovary
st. Kievskaya, 221-B, Brovary
Mon-Sat: 8:00-20:00; Sun: 9:00-19:00

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“Dobrobut” Medical Center for the whole family in Brovary

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Doctors who see at the clinic
22experience (y.)
Palytsia Valentyn Yaroslavovych
Palytsia Valentyn Yaroslavovych
Mammologist; Oncologist
20experience (y.)
Semenenko Valeriia Valeriivna
Semenenko Valeriia Valeriivna
23experience (y.)
Musin Kostiantyn Vilenovych
Musin Kostiantyn Vilenovych
Pediatric orthopedist-traumatologist
13experience (y.)
Nemtseva Oksana Valeriivna
Nemtseva Oksana Valeriivna
Gastroenterologist; Nutritionist
10experience (y.)
Onyshchuk Liudmyla Vadymivna
Onyshchuk Liudmyla Vadymivna
Cardiologist; Doctor of functional diagnostics; Physician
7experience (y.)
Pavlenko-Chuniak Kateryna Olehivna
Pavlenko-Chuniak Kateryna Olehivna
Pediatrician; Pediatric neurologist
38experience (y.)
Parkhomchuk Nina Fedorivna
Parkhomchuk Nina Fedorivna
Gastroenterologist; Infectious disease doctor
21experience (y.)
Pelykh Oksana Stepanivna
Pelykh Oksana Stepanivna
Pediatrician; Pediatric allergist
17experience (y.)
Potapenko Serhii Valeriiovych
Potapenko Serhii Valeriiovych
Pediatric cardiorheumatologist; Pediatrician; Ultrasound doctor
5experience (y.)
Radiuk Roman Serhiiovych
Radiuk Roman Serhiiovych
A general practitioner is a family doctor
26experience (y.)
Rebekevsha Nila Oleksandrivna
Rebekevsha Nila Oleksandrivna
Obstetrician-gynecologist; Ultrasound doctor
23experience (y.)
Rohovets Tetiana Vasylivna
Rohovets Tetiana Vasylivna
22experience (y.)
Riabets Maryna Anatoliivna
Riabets Maryna Anatoliivna
Otolaryngologist; Pediatric otolaryngologist
10experience (y.)
Muzyka Nataliia Ihorivna
Muzyka Nataliia Ihorivna
Obstetrician-gynecologist; Reproductologist
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Clinic`s services:
Pediatrician (Consultation by pediatric physician )

Ditinology is a fundamentally different and globally recognized approach to a child's health.

Laboratory diagnosis

Laboratory diagnostics includes various examinations that allow obtaining of the most accurate clinical data on the patient’s health state.

Consultation of gastroenterologist

Gastroenterologists of Dobrobut clinic chain will provide you with the qualified and comprehensive aid in diagnostics and treatment of any digestive system pathologies at all the stages of the disease.


Magnetic resonance imaging is currently a relatively safe and high-precision diagnostic procedure that allows to determine the condition of the soft tissues, abdominal organs, pelvis, joints, cartilages, intervertebral cartilages and brain.

MRI and CT for children

MRI and CT for children

CT scan

Computerized tomography is one of the modern diagnostic techniques characterized by fast examination speed, high accuracy and information value.

Neurologist consultation

Neurologist consultation

Extended colposcopy

Colposcopy is a method of examining the cervix, vagina, and vulva for signs of disease.

GynecologyTherapyFamily Medicine
Family doctor consultation

Any symptoms and conditions that cause discomfort or pain including acute respiratory disease require immediate consultation with a family doctor.

Vaccination against influenza with VAXIGRIP TETRA vaccine in clinic


Diagnosing cancer with MRI

Diagnosing cancer with MRI

Licenses, Certificates, Accreditations

MN «Dobrobut»

Лицензия «Добробут-Поликлиника»
Лицензия «Добробут-Стационар»
Лицензия «Добробут-Вертебрология»
Лицензия «Добробут-Патронаж»
Сертификат «Добробут-Поликлиника»
Сертификат «Добробут-Стационар»
Сертификат «Добробут-Вертебрология»
Сертификат «Добробут-Патронаж»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Поликлиника»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Стационар»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Вертебрология»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Патронаж»