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Solomenko Vitalii Serhiiovych

Solomenko Vitalii Serhiiovych

30experience (y.)
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Nearest pickup time: 24.06.2024 9:00

The Doctor provides the following services:

Follow-up consultation by ENT traumatologist (on the results of radiological study within 2 days)
920 uah
Consultation by orthopaedic surgeon
1140 uah
Correction of plaster, scoth/softcast, turbocast dressing
530 uah
Sublysional administration of drugs (blockade)
720 uah
Joint puncture
790 uah
Haematoma puncture
720 uah
PRP therapy in orthopaedy, traumatology and vertebrology (1 procedure)
2080 uah
Initial surgical debridement
1740 uah
Suturation (no more than 5 items)
700 uah
Application of retentive dressing (dressing cost excluded)
480 uah
Application of small plaster splints (splints cost excluded)
610 uah
Application of large plaster splints (splints cost excluded)
1020 uah
Application of Scotchcast or Softcast bandage (dressing) (bandage cost excluded)
1180 uah
Minor surgery with local anaesthetic of the 2nd category of difficulty
3120 uah
Minor surgery with local anaesthetic of the 1st category of difficulty
1620 uah
Injection in paraarticular structures (medications cost excluded)
480 uah
Immobilization of proximal femur with derotation universal boot (boot cost excluded)
1000 uah
Removal of small plaster bandage
470 uah
Removal of large plaster bandage
880 uah
Removal of Scotchcast bandage
940 uah
Manipulation of hand and foot joint dislocations
1110 uah
Manipulation of major joint dislocations
1180 uah
Intra-articular application of medications (medications cost excluded)
570 uah
Removal of subungual hematoma
530 uah
Removal of mite
1340 uah
Removal of benign tumours of bones and connective tissue
15220 uah
530 uah
Removal of sutures
470 uah
General bandage (simple, complicated)
530 uah
Local anaesthesia
550 uah
Information about the doctor Solomenko Vitalii Serhiiovych

Work experience: 30 years

Category: Higher


  • Bogomolets National Medical University

Membership in associations, societies; attending conferences, thematic improvement courses:

  • 2023: specialization courses in physical and rehabilitation medicine;
  • participation in the annual winter school of orthopedic traumatologists of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Association of Osteoporosis, as well as in numerous medical and scientific conferences, including international events and professional master classes.

Scientific activity:

  • 2023: participation in the all-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “Recovery”.

Areas of professional development:

  • studying professional information in professional medical journals and online resources;
  • exchange of experience with colleagues.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • diagnostics, conservative treatment and prevention of degenerative diseases of the spine and extremities;
  • physical rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • adaptive capabilities of the human body at a young age.

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • “I spend my free time with my family, visit theaters and travel.”

Doctor's advice:

  • “Lead an active lifestyle: do regular physical exercises to strengthen muscles and joints, maintain proper posture and avoid traumatic situations. Provide yourself with sufficient rest and positive emotions. Undergo regular medical examinations and follow your doctor's recommendations. Avoid self-medication and consult a doctor immediately if necessary.”

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Дуже компетентний, професійній та уважливий лікар. Рекомендую! Дуже вдячна йому за лікування та поради!

– Олена А.06.06.2024

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Solomenko Vitalii Serhiiovych

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