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"Dobrobut" Medical Center. Vertebrology

St. Simi Idzykovskykh (M. Mishyna), 3, Kyiv
Mon-Fri: 8:00-20:00; Sat-Sun: 9:00-17:00
Dobrobut Medical Center of Vertebrology provides a full range of medical services to patients with disorders of the peripheral nervous system in diseases of the spine and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Consultation of a vertebrologist is necessary if the patient has the following symptoms:

  • Back pain, discomfort in the back
  • Neck pain, discomfort in the neck
  • Limb movement disorder
  • Numbness, a feeling of "crawling" in the fingers
  • Joint pain, limited joint mobility
  • Headache, dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Memory and sleep disorders

The specialists of the Center for Clinical Vertebrology provide consultative and therapeutic assistance in the following cases:

  • osteochondrosis of the spine
  • protrusion and spinal discs herniation
  • scoliosis
  • neuritis
  • neuralgia
  • radicular pain
  • shoulder-scapular periarthritis
  • chronic back pain
  • myofascial pain syndrome
  • vertebrobasilar insufficiency
  • chronic muscle tension
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia
  • flat feet, calcaneal spur, plantar fasciitis
  • arthrosis, arthritis
  • functional disorders of internal organs: biliary dyskinesia, intestine, some forms of dysmenorrhea
  • stroke
  • encephalopathy
  • Parkinson's disease
  • multisystem atrophy
  • extrapyramidal diseases
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • dementia
  • multiple sclerosis
  • neuroinfections
  • epilepsy
  • convulsive syndrome
  • consequences of traumatic brain injury
  • migraine and other headaches
  • vegetative disorders
  • trigeminal neuralgia
  • facial pain
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • polyneuropathy
  • vertebrogenic radiculopathy
  • herpes zoster

Consultation of the vertebrologist is recommended if the patient during MRI revealed:

  • osteochondrosis, spine spondyloarthrosis
  • spinal disc herniation
  • spinal discs protrusion
  • inflammatory foci, degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease
  • vascular encephalopathy

Consultation of the vertebrologist is recommended if the patient during duplex scanning of the head and neck vessels identified:

  • atherosclerotic plaques in the carotid or vertebral arteries
  • impaired blood flow in the carotid or vertebrobasilar basin
  • venous circulation disorder
  • vertebral artery dissection

EMERGENCY HELP: with severe low back pain – cervicago, dorsago, lumbago.


  • highly qualified specialists – vertebrologists and neurologists focused on appointing patients with the most diverse and complex vertebrological and neurological pathologies;
  • the use of the newest European equipment, traditional vertebrological techniques, and modern world techniques of osteopathy, kinesiology, and visceral therapy, which makes possible for a patient to feel relief right after the first session;
  • the possibility to omit operative treatment of the overwhelming majority of herniated intervertebral discs;
  • comfortable conditions for patients.


1) orthopedic correction of the spine using the «short arm» method (OC) – refers to the section «manual therapy» – hand treatment.

The main features of this method are: controlled dosing effect; the locality of impact; safety; the possibility of influencing «tight zones of the spine».

Efficiency of the OC:

  • the restoration of the correct anatomical correlations between all the structural elements of the spine. At the same time, pathological impulsation of the affected segment is eliminated, together with the decreasing of the muscle tone and pain syndrome
  • the restoration of mobility of intervertebral joints, and consequently its function, which is a necessary factor for the health of any organ
  • massotherapy
  • physiotherapeutic treatment (FTT)

2) electrotherapy – treatment with electric currents of different forms;

3) magnetotherapy – the use of permanent and alternating magnetic fields;

4) ultrasound therapy (phonophoresis) – a method of injection of medicinal substances usinultrasound;

5) high-intensity laser therapy – a revolutionary technology that allows a deep penetration into tissues and a quick result;

6) shock-wave therapy – a new non-invasive technology for the treatment of pain in the musculoskeletal apparatus. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is widely used in physiotherapy, orthopedics, as well as in sports medicine. The use is mainly associated with the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal and skeletal disorders, joint, back, and neck pains. The most common indications are: shoulder and knee joint pains, epicondylitis, lower and upper back pains, achillodynia, tendinitis, and trigger point release therapy;

7) pharmacological multiinjection – multi-zone injection, which has an anti-inflammatory analgesic and trophic effect;

8) blockade – the method of injecting medicinal substances directly into the affected zone;

9) plasmalifting – the use of patient’s own blood plasma (autologous platelet plasma (APP)).

APP is a biological stimulator of regeneration processes, which contains growth factors, electrolytes, vitamins, microelements. Being injected into tissues, autoplasma strengthens microcirculation of tissues due to the formation of new vessels, stimulates tissue respiration, metabolism, activates local immunity. It is used to accelerate the recovery processes in areas with pronounced muscle degeneration, as well as in the area of adhesive processes.

10) methods of physical rehabilitation – exercise therapy, which is an integral part of the rehabilitation of patients to restore the tone and performance of lost muscles, joint mobility, and normal movement patterns;

11) osteopathy is a combination of therapeutic and diagnostic techniques that are used to reveal the causes and eliminate disorders by manipulating the anatomical structures of the skull, spine, upper and lower extremities, the musculoskeletal apparatus, internal organs to restore mobility and optimal functioning of the human body. Diagnosis and treatment are performed by a specialist manually.

Despite the fact that osteopathy is a relatively new direction of restorative medicine, nowadays it is one of the leading methods of treatment and prevention of many diseases. The reasons for its popularity are the following:

  1. Not only spine, joints, and nervous system diseases, but many chronic diseases of internal organs respond to osteopathic treatment effectively.
  2. The accuracy of manual osteopathic diagnostics (based on the determination of bone displacements, muscle tension, disorders of the rhythms of movement of the internal organs, strains of the fascial membranes and tendons) allows fixing even minor functional deviations, which are not available for most diagnostic devices. The correctness of osteopathic diagnosis can easily be confirmed by computer tomography, ultrasound, etc.
  3. The osteopathic physician is able to identify the root causes that led to the development of the disease, often veiled by various body compensatory reactions and syndromes – such as local pain and neurological disorders.
  4. Modern osteopathy uses predominantly soft, non-stressful, absolutely safe methods of manual exposure during osteopathic treatment, based on the newest studies in the field of anatomy, physiology, histology, and biochemistry.
  5. A wide range of osteopathic techniques (more than 3500) allows selecting the individual, most effective treatment program.
  6. The osteopathic effect not only has a curative effect on various diseases but on the whole, it harmonizes the body, makes it more stress-resistant, which means it is a preventive tool for maintaining good health.

12) visceral therapy (VT) is aimed at working with internal organs, performed by a specialist manually, softly and safely. Each organ has its amplitude and rhythmicity, and this is ensured by a system of ligaments, which can be damaged by various pathological processes;

13) biopuncture is a kind of pharmacopuncture – a unique complex method of therapeutic effect on the body by injecting drugs into the area of biologically active points;

14) reflexotherapy is a method of physical impact on the point areas of the body surface (acupuncture points). Due to such an influence, an impulse appears that is transmitted to the corresponding nerve centers, and those in turn send the signal to the affected organ, activating the self-healing system of the organism;

15) drug therapy.

"Dobrobut" Medical Center. Vertebrology
St. Simi Idzykovskykh (M. Mishyna), 3, Kyiv
Mon-Fri: 8:00-20:00; Sat-Sun: 9:00-17:00

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"Dobrobut" Medical Center. Vertebrology

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Lavreniuk Oleksandr Heorhiiovych
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