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Holovnia Nataliia Ivanivna

Holovnia Nataliia Ivanivna

12experience (y.)
child doctor

The Doctor provides the following services:

Consultation by paediatric physician
1140 uah
Consultation of pediatrician at home outside Kyiv(within 30 km)
2840 uah
Consultation of the pediatrician at home, Kyiv
2230 uah
Preparation for additional extract from medical record
660 uah
Influenza vaccination program with Vaxigrippe Tetra vaccine
1250 uah
Program of vaccination against influenza with the vaccine GC Flu Quadrivalent 0.5 ml
1105 uah
Information about the doctor Holovnia Nataliia Ivanivna


  • Bogomolets National Medical University

Areas of professional development:

  • completed clinical residency;
  • receives postgraduate education at the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Diseases of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education;
  • every year attends research-to-practice conferences, congresses of pediatricians;
  • studies scientific periodicals and Internet resources; proficient in German.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • medical observation of infants;
  • infant feeding; vaccination;
  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis);
  • digestion (colitis, enteritis);
  • childhood infectious diseases (chicken pox, scarlet fever, etc.).
  • “It is important to establish contact not only with a child but also with his/her parents and grandparents. Our patients cannot complain as they cannot yet speak. We need to be able to see the problem by infant’s crying and to know how to help them.”
  • “A good doctor enjoys confidence of parents who entrust their infant to him and can help not only to cure a sick child but also to prevent a possible disease development.”

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • childhood infectious diseases;
  • cardiology.

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • "I like to embroider."

Doctor's advice:

  • “Parents need to pay much attention to the growth and development of their baby in the first year of life, because improper care causes the development of many diseases. Make a healthy lifestyle yourself and learn your children to follow your example.”

Advantages of MM 'Dobrobut':

  • “Medical Center supports individual approach to every child. Time of the individual session with a patient is regulated, which allows to provide attentive and in-depth observation and counseling. Novelty diagnosis methods contribute in making diagnosis.”

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Хороший специалист: внимательная, профессионал, рекомендации по делу. Ничего лишнего. Обращались неоднократно.

– Татьяна26.05.2020
Татьяна, благодарим за конструктивны й отзыв и высокую оценку работы доктора.С уважением, департамент по контролю качества медицинского обслуживания.

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Holovnia Nataliia Ivanivna

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