Kilbas Oleksii Yuriiovych

Kilbas Oleksii Yuriiovych

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The Doctor provides the following services:

Consultation of a dentist
1090 uah
Consultation with a dentist with the preparation of a treatment plan.
1430 uah
Adult consultation by English-speaking doctor
1850 uah
Implant intra-bone "Mega Gen"
11570 uah
Frenuloplasty (bridle dissection)
1510 uah
Alveolar osteoplasty (process 1 sector)
12000 uah
Bone augmentation in the area of 2 and more teeth
17000 uah
Computer anesthesia "STA"
815 uah
Dentist consultation(follow-up examination)
560 uah
Curettage of extracted tooth socket
550 uah
Soft tissue plastics for closing recessions in the area of ​​1 quadrant
8670 uah
Soft tissue plastics for closing recessions in the area of ​​1 tooth
3310 uah
Plastics of fistula with maxillary sinuses
6130 uah
Regenerative therapy with PRF (clot, membrane)
1370 uah
Resection of the root apex with retrograde canal filling
5180 uah
Incision and lavage of operculum
610 uah
Sinus lifting (raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus) is open, without the cost of the material
23000 uah
Sinus elevation (sinus floor elevation procedure), closed, material cost excluded
8300 uah
Suturing (from 2-5)
730 uah
Landing abscess
1510 uah
Shaper gum «Megadge»
2180 uah
Shaper gum «Straumann»
3940 uah
Removal of the tooth(simple)
1510 uah
Collection of free connective tissue graft
2870 uah
Anesthesia in dentistry
435 uah
Application anaesthesia in paediatric dentistry
140 uah
Atypical extraction of a "wisdom tooth" of the 1 degree of complexity
4230 uah
Atypical Extraction of Wisdom Tooth - Level II Complexity
6000 uah
Autotransplantation (bone)
27190 uah
4460 uah
Extraction of one tooth with piezotome
6740 uah
Removal of third molar(wisdom tooth)
3000 uah
Personal safety provision
100 uah
Removal of the toot (medium complexity)
2700 uah
Simple removal of the implant (disintegrated)
2170 uah
Complicated implant extraction (osteointegrated)
4000 uah
Removal of the cyst
5090 uah
Use of bone scraper for autocapsule collection (disposable)
2000 uah
Intra-bone implant "Straumann" (installation) (price of implant is not included)
17680 uah
Gingivoplasty in the area of 1 tooth
1800 uah
Support of operating theatre
1500 uah
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