Rebekevsha Nila Oleksandrivna

Rebekevsha Nila Oleksandrivna

Obstetrician-gynecologist; Ultrasound doctor
26experience (y.)
The Doctor takes in clinics:
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The Doctor provides the following services:

Consultation by obstetrician-gynaecologist
1180 uah
Follow-up consultation by obstetrician-gynaecologist (on the results of additional examination within 10 days)
920 uah
Electrocauterizing conization of the cervix (cytological examination cost excluded)
4340 uah
Ultrasonography of small pelvis organs, transabdominal
870 uah
Examination of the microflora of the urogenital tract in women (according to the Hay-Ison criteria and the Nugent scale)
320 uah
Cardiotocography with auto-analysis without medical consultation (one foetus)
560 uah
Complex genotyping of HPV DNA (28 genotypes) in a semi-quantitative form REAL TIME
1495 uah
Curettage of cervical canal
1300 uah
Laser removal of neoplasms (moles, papillomas, condylomas)
550 uah
Urogenital microscopy (1 point: vagina)
250 uah
Microscopy of the biological material
400 uah
Testing to reveal amniotic fluid leakage (test cost excluded)
550 uah
Multiple Basic Pregnancy Program
48900 uah
Single Pregnancy Basic Program
37600 uah
The program "Pregnancy single-parent basic" (at late registration)
27100 uah
Single Pregnancy Plus Program
45800 uah
Gynaecological procedures (1 procedure)
700 uah
Nabothian cysts puncture
1390 uah
Radio wave treatment of uterine cervix pathology
3000 uah
Liquid cytology PAP test
770 uah
Lancing of Bartholin gland abscess
4970 uah
Lancing of external genitalia furunculus with local anaesthetic
3000 uah
Extended colposcopy
550 uah
Screening for 7 STD (detection of Trichomonas vaginalis, Chlamydia trachomatis, Mycoplasma hominis, Mycoplasma genitalium, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Ureaplasma parvum using PCR method) - semiquantitative
1785 uah
Ultrasound of pregnancy
940 uah
Universal Check-up (women under 40 years old)
8600 uah
Universal check-up (for women over 40)
9400 uah
Quantification of Ureaplasma urealiticum in biological material (PCR method)
390 uah
Folliculometry (after ultrasonography of small pelvis organs)
530 uah
550 uah
Cytological examination of the print with IUD
360 uah
Insertion of intrauterine contraceptive (device cost excluded)
1280 uah
Diagnostic hysteroscopy
7090 uah
Determination of Candida albicans in biological material (PCR method)
390 uah
Removal of synechiae
1220 uah
Removal of a polyp of the cervical canal with diagnostic scraping of the uterine cavity
5490 uah
Removal of papillomas of external genitalia
4360 uah
Extraction of intrauterine contraceptive (the 2nd category of difficulty)
1870 uah
Extraction of intrauterine contraceptive (he 1st category of difficulty)
780 uah
Sampling for PCR-based diagnostics
130 uah
Determination of Chlamydia pneumoniae in biological material (PCR method)
805 uah
Quantitative culture for mycoplasma/ureaplasma (DUO)
620 uah
Bacteriological examination of urogenital discharge
540 uah
Aspiration biopsy of the endometrium (without the cost of histological examination)
1740 uah
Laser ablation of the cervix, cervical erosion
4670 uah
Liquid Cytology CellPrep PAP test
620 uah
PAP-test (screening test of cervical smear)
325 uah
Cobas HPV test, FDA-approved, 14 types of HPV VCF: 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66 and 68 types (with genotyping of types 16 and 18)
1230 uah
Ultrasonography of small pelvis organs, transvaginal
940 uah
Determination of Mycoplasma genitalis in biological material (PCR method)
750 uah
Histological examination after excision and conization of the cervix
1150 uah
Histological examination after curettage of the cervical canal, polypectomy
920 uah
Histological examination after cervical biopsy (non-excisional)
920 uah
Histological examination after endometrial biopsy (aspiration biopsy, curettage, polypectomy)
920 uah
Gynecological check-up (older than 40 years)
4840 uah
Gynaecological check-up (for women under 40)
3550 uah
Determination of Trichomonas vaginalis in biological material (PCR method)
830 uah
Determination of Neisseria gonorrheae in biological material (PCR method)
750 uah
Determination of Chlamydia trachomatis in biological material (PCR method)
880 uah
Incisional biopsy of the 2nd category
1390 uah
Provision of the pre-analytical stage in the examination of the urogenital smear
100 uah
Provision of the pre-analytical stage in the study of urine
50 uah
Local anaesthesia
550 uah
Provision of the preanalytical stage in the study of capillary blood
60 uah
Provision of the pre-analytical stage in the study of feces
50 uah
Provision of a pre-analytical stage in the study of other biological material
60 uah
Provision of the pre-analytical stage in the study of venous blood
60 uah
Information about the doctor Rebekevsha Nila Oleksandrivna

Work experience: 26 years

Category: Higher

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