Center of somnology

Somnology, Service prices:

  • Diagnosis of sleep apnea (ambulatory polysomnography with Alice Night One)4235 uah
  • Consultation of a somnologist1045 uah
  • Consultation by cardiologist1090 uah
  • Consultation by endocrinologist1090 uah
  • Consultation by ELT specialist1090 uah
  • Psychologist consultation930 uah
  • Consultation by nutritionist1870 uah
  • Individual consultation by psychologist, psychotherapist1020 uah
  • Consultation by gastroenterologist1090 uah
  • Video-EEG monitoring in adults, up to 30 minutes1165 uah

Somnology, services:

Physicians who provide referral services Somnology:

8experience (y.)
Havryliuk Iryna Oleksandrivna
Physician; Cardiologist
7experience (y.)
Kolomai Nataliia Valeriivna
A general practitioner is a family doctor; Cardiologist; Pediatrician; Physician
23experience (y.)
Movchan Tetiana Oleksandrivna
Cardiologist; Ultrasound doctor
2022experience (y.)
Mokhnach Anastasiia Vadymivna
16experience (y.)
Nevodovska Tetiana Serhiivna
Endocrinologist; Ultrasound doctor
12experience (y.)
Poiarkov Yevhen Serhiiovych
Cardiologist; Doctor of functional diagnostics; Somnology; Sports medicine; Ultrasound doctor
28experience (y.)
Sterioni Ihor Valeriiovych
Pediatric otolaryngologist; Otolaryngologist
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