Biziakina Olha Viacheslavivna

Biziakina Olha Viacheslavivna

40experience (y.)
child doctor
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The Doctor provides the following services:

Consultation by pediatric physician, expert of the sector in the clinic
1720 uah
Paediatric consultation by expert of the sector at home, outside Kyiv (30 km area)
3680 uah
Paediatric consultation by expert of the sector at home, Kyiv
3070 uah
Information about the doctor Biziakina Olha Viacheslavivna

Work experience: 40 years

Category: Higher


  • Ural State Medical Academy

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • management of sickly children;
  • treats of immune and infectious diseases: chickenpox, morbilli, rubella, dysentery, gastritis, scarlet fever, parotitis;
  • treats various gastrointestinal tract disorders.
  • About work: ‘Pediatrics runs in my family. My daughter went down the same road. But the son chose technical field. Therefore, the professional dynasty goes through the female line. The fact that parents read information about a disease not in scientific sources greatly hinders in work. Media write completely wrong things about, for instance, vaccination. In order to determine the need for vaccination you should read professional medical literature wherein everything is accessible and understandable.’
  • Recent trends in this area of medicine: ‘December, January, February – it is always a period of increased respiratory viral infections. Therefore, in spite of regular pediatrician duties, namely, management of children from birth up to 18 years, we have to deal with temperature rising, runny nose and cough.’

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • ‘My dogs are the most important and most beloved. My vizsla and tazy are hounds. I love cycling and skating. In my free time I read detective stories and develop logical thinking. I watch “Force Majeure” TV series with a great pleasure.’

Doctor's advice:

  • ‘Set up your child and regularly visit pediatrician. Sports shall have a place in life of a child from a very early age. At age from one to three – it’s walks in fresh air: a couple of hours in winter, all day - in summer. Since age of three you can include ice skating. At age from three to five – add athletics or dancing, whichever the child likes more. You can introduce swimming at the age of six or seven. It is advisable to practice now so popular tennis at the age from ten to twelve. It is not recommended to do it earlier as tennis can influence formation of scoliosis posture. Muscle-building exercises to be done within reasonable measures, taking into account age and characteristics of child’s health. And most importantly: all these activities should take place under supervision of a competent coach.’

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