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Very often married couples face difficulties in conceiving a child. In our time, infertility is not a sentence, but only a diagnosis. Over the last 10 years, reproductive medicine in Ukraine has made a breakthrough, and what once seemed impossible is now being actively implemented in reproduction clinics. The reproductive doctor approaches each married couple individually and helps to solve the problem of conceiving a child.

A reproductive specialist is a doctor whose professional interests include the study and treatment of disorders of generative function with the help of assisted reproductive technologies. This specialist not only solves problems with conception but also prepares the couple for IVF, develops preventive measures, helps the couple during pregnancy planning.

When do you need a consultation with a reproductive specialist at the Dobrobut Clinic in Kyiv?

  • Absence of pregnancy during 1 year of regular sexual life if the woman is less than 35 years old.
  • no pregnancy during 6 months of regular sexual life if the woman is older than 35 years.
  • Lack of a sexual partner in women, if you want to become a mother.
  • The earlier termination of the menstrual cycle in the anamnesis of the female line.
  • Presence of serious gynecological or urological diseases in one of the partners.
  • Presence of a history of two or more consecutive miscarriages.
  • Presence of hereditary genetic diseases or if there were cases of birth of children with congenital syndromes in the families of close relatives.
  • Desire to become parents in the future, in the presence of cancer in reproductive age, for the treatment of which chemotherapy/radiation therapy is planned.
  • The desire to freeze eggs at a young age.

Initial appointment with a reproductologist

At the initial consultation with a reproductive specialist in Kyiv, the doctor talks to the couple in a trusting atmosphere. Such couples need a special approach because they have come a long way of failure and disappointment. Therefore, psychological contact between a gynecologist and a married couple is very important.

At the initial reception, the gynecologist-reproductologist asks a number of specific questions and studies the anamnesis. Be sure to bring for the first time all the tests and research, protocols of operations, protocols of stimulation in IVF programs in previous clinics. A gynecologist and a reproductive specialist at the Dobrobut Clinic in Kyiv perform a gynecological examination on a chair, colposcopy, and ultrasound of the pelvic organs at the initial appointment. If necessary, refers the man to an andrologist, urologist, endocrinologist, geneticist, and other specialists for consultation.

For couples also prescribe laboratory diagnostics: blood tests for blood hormones, immunological tests, a general detailed blood test for infectious agents, a test for the compatibility of gametes of partners. Sometimes additional instrumental and minimally invasive studies are needed to determine treatment tactics (eg, hysterosalpingography). But, as a rule, at the repeated consultation the gynecologist reproductologist, analyzing the received information and results of the carried-out inspections, can tell with high confidence what is necessary in each case and will make the further clinical tactics.

The price of a consultation with a reproductive specialist

The price of a consultation with a reproductive specialist in Kyiv depends on a comprehensive examination program, additional diagnostic procedures, and laboratory tests.

Advantages of conducting the service with us:

  • The list of necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures is determined strictly individually.
  • In the practice of the clinic "Dobrobut" modern methods of treatment are used by the latest medical protocols.
  • Affordable price for a consultation with a reproductive specialist in Kyiv.
  • Reproductologists and gynecologists of the Dobrobut Clinic are constantly improving their skills and participating in international conferences and seminars.
  • The main purpose of our center is to help couples learn the happiness of parenthood.

How to sign up?

You can make an appointment for an initial appointment with a reproductive doctor in Kyiv and get acquainted with the cost of services on our website or with the help of a 24-hour contact center, whose contacts are listed on the clinic's website.


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Center of Reproductology, Service packages:

Center of Reproductology, services:

  • Consultation of a reproductologist
  • Online consultation with a reproductologist

    Online consultation with a reproductologist

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

    In vitro fertilization is a real salvation for all couples with reproductive dysfunction who dream of their own child.

  • Spermogram

    A spermogram (ejaculate test) is an analysis that allows you to evaluate the motility, concentration, and morphology of spermatozoa. Evaluation of this test is of great importance when planning a pregnancy or finding out the cause of infertility in a married couple.

Physicians who provide referral services Center of Reproductology:

24experience (y.)
Atamanchuk Irina Nikolaevna
Obstetrician-gynecologist; Geneticist; Reproductologist; Ultrasound doctor
8experience (y.)
Muzyka Nataliia Ihorivna
Obstetrician-gynecologist; Reproductologist
20experience (y.)
Shyianova Svitlana Volodymyrivna
3experience (y.)
Petrovska Yuliia Oleksandrivna
Obstetrician-gynecologist; Reproductologist

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