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Defining of treatment tactics based on the protocols and recommendations of leading anticancer communities (NCCN, ASCO, ESMO). Multidisciplinary Cancer Commission

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Surgery of oncological diseases any complexity

Surgery of oncological diseases from simple one-day Fast Track procedures to the most complicated surgical interventions using of minimally invasive laparoscopic methods, reconstructive surgery

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Drug treatment (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy)

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Oncology Center Dobrobut

International standards of treatment. Unique programs of early cancer diagnosis and modern surgical methods of treatment. The comfort and safety of a large clinic with 15 years of experience.

Oncological diseases are one of the main causes of death. They occupy the third place after cardiovascular diseases and deaths from injuries. Cancer is a common name for a group of diseases. It can hit any organ, any part of the body.

The Center focuses on techniques that provide a full cycle of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. You can get a consultation of specialist either in the medical network or in a multi-field hospital, on which a specialized department of oncological surgery is based and auxiliary palliative care is provided.

We provide treatment of neoplasms and oncological diseases of various localizations:

  • gastrointestinal tract
  • breast
  • endocrine organs (thyroid, adrenal capsules)
  • gynecology (cervix and corpus of uterus, ovaries, vulva)
  • urology (prostate, kidneys, testicles, penis)
  • ENT organs
  • soft tissues
  • lungs and respiratory tract
  • liver, pancreas, bile ducts
Cancer is an international disease, which affects people all over the world. The only difference remains in the types and forms of cancer.

The consultation of oncologist is necessary for you as soon as possible if you notice these symptoms:

  • Regular pain in the same location
  • Bloody excretions
  • General weakness
  • Hardening of tissue
  • Stomach rumble and ileus

The correct diagnosis can only be determined by a specialist during the examination! But the consultation of oncologist won’t be excess, even if you have no worrying, since it is more important to prevent cancer than to treat it, and experts will help you undergo a comprehensive examination on an individual program!

The specialists of the center will help you with the following tasks:

  • To undergo a complete check-up and receive a precise diagnosis using the most advanced diagnostic equipment;
  • To get a consultation by highly-qualified doctors with reach practical experience and knowledge based on the international protocols and recommendations of the leading anticancer societies (NCCN, ASCO, ESMO);
  • To confirm or reject a diagnosis, to confirm the necessity of a surgery and to choose a corresponding treatment approach at the multidisciplinary oncological commission;
  • To undergo a pharmacological therapy (chemical therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy) taking into account the most advanced solutions of the evidence-based medicine;
  • To get the treatment using modern surgical techniques, from the most simple one-day Fast Track procedures to the most complicated surgical interventions using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques. All the surgeries are performed in the surgery block equipped according to the modern world standards. The center has the hospital with comfortable rooms that will provide the appropriate care and nursing after a surgery.


We offer all the conditions for you to access the most modern, accurate, and comfortable examination:

  • Appointments to the proctologist – around the clock and seven days a week. No waiting and queues. Completely confidential.
  • Special disposable underwear that helps to eliminate discomfort and tightness.
  • The newest equipment from world leaders of industry – minimal discomfort, maximal accuracy, high detailing.

Among the directions of the surgical stage of treatment, the Center carries out operations on the mammary gland, thyroid gland, and organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Unique hybrid operations are performed for oncological diseases of colon, rectum, and stomach, operations of any complexity are performed also with gynecological diseases. All the operations are performed using minimally invasive techniques, including laparoscopy and natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery. If there is a need to, sampling for biopsy is performed during the operation, and within 20-30 minutes we determine an accurate diagnosis in order to do the necessary surgical treatment.

The drug therapy programs are based on the study of the individual tumor profile together with the specialists of the CSD HealthCare laboratory on the basis of modern molecular research of tumor tissue samples and detailed studying of YOUR genetics.

In the fight against cancer diseases, three basic methods are used:

  • Medicinal
  • Radiational
  • Surgical

Dobrobut oncological clinic center has the patient support service that provides aid and support after the discharge, notes the patient's health condition and also develops the schedule of planned check-ups by the specialist after the treatment.

We have drawn up a “road map” that will help you to get an orientation on what you should do if you need a consultation by a doctor or diagnostics:

The advantages we offer:

  • Defining of treatment tactics based on the protocols and recommendations of leading anticancer communities (NCCN, ASCO, ESMO)
  • Drug treatment (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy ).
  • Surgery of oncological diseases from simple one-day Fast Track procedures to the most complicated surgical interventions using of minimally invasive laparoscopic methods, reconstructive surgery
  • The newest equipment and operating unit, equipped according to modern world standards

Oncological diseases are among the most dangerous:

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, it is oncology that is one of the main causes of death for Ukrainians - about 130 new cases are diagnosed annually, and every fourth man and every sixth woman are at risk of the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly conduct diagnostics, especially if there have been cases of oncological diseases in the family. In addition, the sooner the presence of a malignant tumor is determined and treatment is started, the higher the chance of successfully overcoming the disease. However, first, you need to get a consultation with an oncologist in Kyiv, which is offered by the Dobrobut medical center.

What services does an oncologist provide?

An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of both benign and malignant tumors. An oncologist assists patients with precancerous and oncological diseases of various locations. The specialist discusses and goes through the route of additional examination and treatment of the disease together with the patients.

Patients go to an oncologist if they have a suspected oncological disease or already have a diagnosis with confirmed disease. He confirms the diagnosis or establishes it based on the examination and examinations. If specific examinations are not enough to make a diagnosis, the oncologist prescribes appropriate procedures to select the most appropriate treatment for the disease.

Symptoms indicating the presence of cancer

It must be remembered that there are no universal symptoms since cancer is a generalized name for a large number of diseases.

There are several signs, in the presence of which it is necessary to consult an oncologist:

  • regular pain in the same localization;
  • palpable seals;
  • the presence of bleeding;
  • severe weakness;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • lack of appetite;
  • weight loss;
  • night sweats;
  • prolonged fever.

Consultation with an oncologist should be received regularly. Women are recommended to be examined by a gynecologist and mammologist at least once a year, and men - by a urologist and proctologist. After all, in the initial stages, the disease can be asymptomatic.

Consultation of an oncologist at the medical center "Dobrobut"

In our medical center in Kyiv, you can undergo diagnostics according to screening programs for the main types of pathologies.

In the Department of Oncosurgery, we provide inpatient support services and full support for the patient during surgery and at the recovery stage.

We provide medical care in the presence of diseases of the following organs and systems:

  • gastrointestinal tract;
  • urology;
  • gynecology;
  • endocrine system;
  • mammary gland;
  • leather;
  • ENT organs;
  • soft tissues;
  • organs of the chest cavity;
  • blood diseases.

At the disposal of our medical center - only experienced highly qualified specialists and the most modern equipment for diagnosis, surgical intervention, and rehabilitation.

We have been working since 2001, during this time we have gained not only tremendous experience in many areas but also a large number of satisfied patients who, with our help, have overcome the disease, so today they can enjoy life.

You can make an appointment with an oncologist at the phone number indicated on the website or via online chat.

Direction leader:

Kondratskyi Yurii Mykolaiovych
Oncologist; Surgeon; Surgeon-oncologist; Thoracic surgeon
Samokhvalova Olena Oleksandrivna
Gynecologist-oncologist; Obstetrician-gynecologist

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Husieva Svitlana Anatoliivna
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Oncologist; Urologist
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