The team of emergency doctors is on duty and makes visits to patients 24/7
We work during curfews and air raids
Our ambulance crews make visits to adults and children
We come to emergency calls in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Ambulance ☎ 5288

A team consisting of an emergency physician, a paramedic, and a driver responds to a call. The team may include an anesthesiologist, pediatric anesthesiologist, pediatrician, or cardiologist. It is also possible to take biological materials for laboratory tests (blood, urine, etc.) for further urgent delivery to the laboratory and additional tests.

Emergency phone number ☎ 5288

If indicated, the emergency medical team will hospitalize the patient in specialized Dobrobut hospitals or other medical institutions for further examination and treatment.

Services are provided to both individuals and legal entities.

Conditions in which an emergency team should be called:

  • Impaired consciousness or fainting
  • Impaired or stopped breathing
  • Seizures
  • Suspected cardiac arrest
  • Bleeding that you cannot stop
  • Sudden behavioral or speech disorders
  • High temperature that does not go down
  • Severe pain that does not disappear after painkillers
  • Injuries, especially in young children
  • If parents are concerned about the child's condition (in young children, acute conditions can occur without symptoms)
  • Significant burns
  • Allergic reactions
  • Electric shocks

The service includes:

  • Departure of the team (doctor, paramedic, driver) on a specially equipped car;
  • Examination and consultation by a doctor with a written report;
  • Provision of emergency care in accordance with approved treatment protocols, including the use of medicines. Provision of emergency care with medicines available to the team; - A large number of medicines, equipment and consumables;
  • If necessary, an ECG (electrocardiography), glucose test, rapid urotest (general urine test), pregnancy test, which is included in the standard cost of the call. If necessary, other laboratory tests are performed at an additional cost according to the price list;
  • Determination of further patient management tactics, recommendations for treatment and care for the next period;
  • If necessary, hospitalization in a clinic according to the disease profile;
  • Integration (transfer of information) with other Dobrobut services (patronage, palliative care, outpatient clinic, hospital) for further assistance;
  • Monitoring and support of the patient after the call (treatment) by the support service.

Emergency medical care of IM “Dobrobut” for children

  • Children's “ambulance” in Kyiv comes to patients when parents do not have the opportunity to call a doctor at home (at night, on holidays or weekends, when living outside Kyiv), if the problem that has arisen requires quick action (various injuries, infectious diseases).
  • In all these cases, the “children's ambulance” of IM “Dobrobut” will respond to the call, which will include an experienced pediatrician or pediatric anesthesiologist.
  • The children's ambulance is equipped with equipment that will help to conduct rapid tests and make an ECG.

Benefits of emergency care at the Dobrobut Medical Network

  • The level of training of medical staff is annually checked by certified instructors of the European Resuscitation Council;
  • Ambulances comply with the Class C certificate (resuscitation vehicle);
  • Medication supply complies with the current orders of the Ministry of Health and exceeds them in many respects;
  • The diagnostic and treatment protocols used by the teams are based on evidence-based medicine, meet international requirements and have a high level of efficiency;
  • All life support equipment has autonomous power supplies, which allows it to operate in isolation from any power supply for 2.5-3 hours.
  • The minimum oxygen supply in the ambulance is 10,000 liters. This is enough for an adult to breathe 100% oxygen for 24 hours.

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Ambulance ☎ 5288

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