DDC Dentistry Center for the whole family in Pechersk

A new dental clinic Dobrobut Dental Clinic is now open in the Pechersk district. The clinic covers an area of 350 square metres and has 5 treatment rooms equipped with the most modern equipment: Orthophos SL dental CT scanner, Dentsply Sirona digital radiovisiography apparatus, Dentsply Sirona dental units, STA computer anaesthesia, Cerec AC intraoral scanner, NSK Vario Surg 3 piezotome, Surgic Pro NSK physiodisperser, Leica Microsystems dental microscope, ZOOM whitening system. The surgical unit has an operating room for surgical interventions and treatment under anaesthesia. As in all Dobrobut Dental Clinic dental clinics, the new department will offer all dental services: aesthetic prosthetics, microscope treatment, implantation, PRP therapy, curettage, as well as all types of 3D examinations and radiography. The clinic will provide a full range of dental services for children and adults.

Specialist consultations

The dental clinic accepts and provides consultations from specialists in all areas:

  • paediatric dentist;
  • general dentist;
  • orthopedic dentist;
  • orthodontist dentist;
  • dental surgeon;
  • periodontist.


  • a targeted image that allows you to examine one tooth, and do it as thoroughly as possible, from the condition of the dentin to the nerve and hidden diseases
  • a panoramic image (Orthopantomogram (OPTG)), which gives a picture of the condition of not only the upper and lower jaws, but also the jaw joints and even the sinuses;
  • Computed tomography (CT or 3D diagnostics), with the help of which the dentist receives a 3D image of the jaw and is able to detect any diseases of the oral cavity;
  • teleradiography (TRG), which is necessary to obtain a side projection of the skull and jaw and to draw up an orthodontic treatment plan;
  • T-scan, or occlusion diagnostics, which allows you to identify problems with the bite, and accurately identify problem teeth, when closing which the load is unevenly distributed;
  • aesthetic computer modelling, also known as Digital Smile Design, in which visualisation of the final result of the dentist's work is created using a computer programme;
  • diagnostic models, which are impressions of the teeth that make up the dentition for visual diagnosis of occlusion.
Mykoly Mikhnovsky Boulevard, 14-16, Kyiv
Mon-Sat: 9:00-19:00; Sun: non-working day

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Ardykutse Ihor Oleksiiovych
2022experience (y.)
Davydok Ivanna Ivanivna
2022experience (y.)
Kilbas Oleksii Yuriiovych
10experience (y.)
Korzh Vita Ivanivna
21experience (y.)
Kovbasniuk Maryna Serhiivna
2022experience (y.)
Kytastyi Oleksii Ihorovych
2022experience (y.)
Makarenko Anna Olehivna
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