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Each person periodically faces imperfections or skin diseases, which arise because of stress, ecology, improper care, infections. Fortunately, you can get rid of any problem if you come to a specialist on time and undergo the necessary treatment. Our clinic employs competent dermatologists-cosmetologists who know how to make your skin healthy and beautiful.

  • acne and other types of rashes on the face and body;
  • the appearance of age spots, traces of post-acne;
  • decreased tone and elasticity of the skin;
  • bags and dark circles under the eyes;
  • noticeable scars, stretch marks;
  • the appearance of spider veins;
  • signs of rosacea, rosacea;
  • papillomas and other neoplasms on the skin.

Reception of a specialist begins with a conversation: the doctor must find out what worries you, what results in you want to get from the procedures, what negative factors could cause skin problems. Then the cosmetic dermatologist examines the skin, if necessary, performs digital dermatoscopy and trichoscopy using the Canfield Intelli Studio apparatus. The initial consultation with a specialist in dermatology and cosmetology takes quite a long time. The doctor takes a comprehensive approach to find out the current state of the skin and the factors that negatively affect it.

  • biorevitalization and mesotherapy of the face, body, and scalp with safe hyaluronic preparations and meso cocktails;

  • face and body contouring with fillers for the correction and rejuvenation of the appearance;

  • hardware methods - microdermabrasion using the SilkPeel 3 device, microcurrent therapy and electroporation using the Zemits X-Skin device;

  • SMAS-lifting is a unique method of non-surgical face contouring;

  • fast and painless removal of benign neoplasms with a laser, radio wave apparatus, or cryodestruction.

The dermatologists of our clinic deal with skin diseases, and cosmetologists with a medical education focus on aesthetics, prolonging youth, and eliminating minor flaws. The price of services is calculated individually after identifying the problem and ways to solve it. The doctor will tell you more about this during the consultation.

Take care of your skin today: entrust the care and treatment to a specialist, and the reflection in the mirror will delight you every day!

To make an appointment for a consultation with a doctor in the center of cosmetology and dermatology, leave a request on the website or contact us by phone.

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Center of Dermatology and Cosmetology

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