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Who is a pediatric specialist?

A pediatric specialist is a doctor with a multifunctional approach to pediatrics.

t is the most complex and responsible profession and the most pleasant for our doctors at the same time. It requires interaction with the youngest patients of our chain who cannot explain what hurts and where it is, they are very vulnerable, fragile and tender, but they trust us completely and do not give the right to make mistakes.

We look for an individual and complex approach to every little patient to perform our duties properly. So, we are MULTIDOCTORS =) as we treat non a disease but a child! Pediatric specialists treat without fear for a child and parents. That is why they are real professionals of their craft and know the nuances of the child’s body.

We are with you when:

  • Your baby is a newborn, and you need advice of professionals and monitoring within the first year of his or her life (nursing programs for infants).
  • You need advice on breast feeding or you need to select other meal for your baby.
  • You should get vaccinated or need help in the planning of an individual vaccination schedule.
  • Your babies will grow up and will be ready to eat “real food”, and we will give you advice on the individual introduction of complementary food.
  • You need support in a difficult period of attending of the first children’s community in the child’s life, we will be by your side in case of any troubles: either it means green snot or a fight for the love or a new car, repetitive cough or fever.
  • Any pathology needs timely diagnostics and modern treatment.
  • When it is time to send boys and girls to school or to a university, you need complex check-up and preparing of children.

You need an urgent consultation by a professional if you notice the following symptoms of a child:

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №11

    Sudden pain in the heart area

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №12

    Sudden headache

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №13

    Sudden change of skin color (pallor, cyanosis, sharp redness, marbling, the appearance of a rash)

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №14

    Sharp pain in the abdominal cavity

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №15

    Bites of animals, snakes, spiders, insects, etc.

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №16

    Multiple vomiting and/or diarrhea (risk of severe dehydration)

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №17

    Sudden breathing disorder (stertorous breathing, does not breathe, sudden coughing fit or coughing fit that cannot be removed in usual ways)

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №18

    Use of any toxical, chemical, unknown substances or medications

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №19

    A child is anergic, does not demonstrate reactions or, on the contrary, is exited

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №20


  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №21

    All types of injuries (fractures, dislocations, burns, severe bruises, head injuries)

  • ДИТИНОЛОГІЯ Київ №22

    Temperature rise (temperature exceeding 39ºС)


We have created all the conditions to make process of the most modern and precise diagnostics comfortable and available for you:

  • Consultations by specialized doctors
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Laboratory tests



  • Acute respiratory infections

As a rule, they are characterized by body temperature rise together with nasal stuffiness, nasal discharge, sore throat, cough, hoarseness, etc.

  • Urinary tract infections

Change in character or frequency of urinations, pain in lower abdomen, pain during urination, body temperature rise without any other symptoms, lumbar pain

  • Otitis

Ear pain, diminished hearing, body temperature rise

  • Gastroenteritis

Nausea, vomiting, discomfort and/or pain in the abdomen, unformed stool, body temperature rise, apathy, decreased appetite

  • Pneumonia

Dyspnea, apathy, body temperature rise, cough

  • Broncho-obstructive syndrome

Dyspnea, wheezing

  • Anemia

Apathy, skin and mucous membrane pallor

  • Dermatitis (atopic, contact, etc.)

Redness, peeling, skin eruptions

  • Children's contagious diseases

Chicken pox, measles, rubeola, parotitis, pertussis, scarlet fever, roseola infantum, infectious mononucleosis.

Rapid eruption in conjunction with elevated body temperature and other symptoms, lymph-node hyperplasia

  • Nursing of children from birth till 18 years

Vaccination, control of psychomotor and physical development, recommendations on child care, preventive actions and programs

We invite you to watch videos from the "Let's Talk" section!  Dialogues with doctors on the topics of children's health that are of most interest to parents.


  • Medicamental
  • Dietary advice
  • Preventive vaccinations
  • Physical therapy


  • Phonendoscope
  • Otoscope
  • Rapid tests (detection of influenza virus, beta-haemolytic streptococcus, urine ketones)
  • Tonometer
  • X-ray machine
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Possibility of sampling for laboratory tests during or immediately after a consultation


It is this doctor who visits the newborn for the first time, is the first to answer all the important questions of parents about the health and development of their child. A pediatrician is a family helper and counselor at the same time.

That is why the best specialists are attracted to work in the Dobrobut MC, among whom there are candidates and doctors of medical sciences. To maintain a high level of qualifications, doctors attend conferences and congresses held in Europe and Ukraine. In addition, the annual training in the life-saving course for children in the Authorized training center (Poland), run by the American Association of Cardiologists, testifies to the highest level of training of our specialists in providing highly qualified care.

The child is usually monitored by a pediatrician on an ongoing basis. At the request of the parents, it is possible to replace a specialist. Complex clinical cases are considered by convening a council.


  • first of all, it is a full cycle of medical care for children, including preventive observation, vaccination, outpatient care, inpatient treatment (around the clock), organization and provision of round-the-clock emergency care (calling specialized children's teams) and home care;
  • personal responsibility of the doctor for the result of treatment;
  • the possibility of prompt communication with a personal doctor;
  • at the request of the parents, supervision can be carried out by a pediatrician, candidate of medical sciences, leading specialist;
  • patronage of children from the 1st day of life to 18 years.

Some pediatricians have an additional specialization, which significantly expands the path of diagnostic search: pediatric allergology, nephrology, pulmonology, pediatric infectious diseases.There are neonatologists on staff for our young patients.

Also, MC Dobrobut has developed annual observation programs for children from birth to 6 years old, which are deservedly popular among parents.





The Dobrobut network of medical clinics has brought medical care to children in Kyiv to a new level that meets international standards. Our network no longer has pediatricians in the usual sense of the word, but there are child specialists.

A child specialist is a “generalist” children's doctor, whose main task is to prevent the child from getting sick. For this, modern complex methods are used, including psychological ones.

We strive to save the child from the fear of the hospital and doctors: our specialists minimize the likelihood of unpleasant sensations in children associated with going to the doctor. In our clinics, they do not do any unnecessary tests, examinations, and procedures, so as not to injure the baby's psyche once again.

Parents do not need to visit different specialists to get the help they need - in Dobrobut clinics, it is enough to make an appointment with a pediatrician. This specialist has a large amount of knowledge and practical experience. He will independently make a qualified diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment.

In our network of healthcare facilities, a child specialist also helps newborns.

The work schedules of specialists are drawn up for maximum convenience of clients and allow you to consult at the clinic or home, and during a visit to the clinic, visit up to 5 specialists at the same time. This opportunity is relevant both for undergoing patronage of newborns and for preventive examinations upon admission to kindergarten and school.

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Physicians who provide referral services Pediatrics:

10experience (y.)
Puhach Bohdan Anatoliiovych
Puhach Bohdan Anatoliiovych
Pediatrician; A general practitioner is a family doctor; Physician
27experience (y.)
Rykov Oleksii Arkadiiovych
Rykov Oleksii Arkadiiovych
28experience (y.)
Rykova Stanislava Oleksandrivna
Rykova Stanislava Oleksandrivna
Pediatrician; Infectious disease doctor; Pediatric infectious disease doctor
28experience (y.)
Kovalenko Inna Dmytrivna
Kovalenko Inna Dmytrivna
Pediatric neurologist; Pediatrician
4experience (y.)
Zelinska Anna Oleksandrivna
Zelinska Anna Oleksandrivna
Pediatrician; Pediatric gastroenterologist
4experience (y.)
Kaplun Maryna Hryhorivna
Kaplun Maryna Hryhorivna
30experience (y.)
Petrovych Iryna Mykolaivna
Petrovych Iryna Mykolaivna
33experience (y.)
Renchkovska Svitlana Oleksandrivna
Renchkovska Svitlana Oleksandrivna
42experience (y.)
Reka Iryna Petrivna
Reka Iryna Petrivna
27experience (y.)
Revenko Iryna Volodymyrivna
Revenko Iryna Volodymyrivna
Pediatric cardiorheumatologist; Pediatrician
14experience (y.)
Poshyvailo Viktor Valeriiovych
Poshyvailo Viktor Valeriiovych
17experience (y.)
Potapenko Serhii Valeriiovych
Potapenko Serhii Valeriiovych
Pediatric cardiorheumatologist; Pediatrician; Ultrasound doctor
38experience (y.)
Polianska Olena Anatoliivna
Polianska Olena Anatoliivna
38experience (y.)
Polonska Liudmyla Volodymyrivna
Polonska Liudmyla Volodymyrivna
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