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Pediatrician (Consultation by pediatric physician )

Ditinology is a fundamentally different and globally recognized approach to a child's health. If pediatrician used to treat children's diseases, ditinologist observes and treats a child, because the main priority is to preserve child’s health. Ditinologist focuses not only on diagnosing and treating the disease, but also on keeping a child healthy. Therefore, ditinologist pays great attention to the lifestyle, diet and physical activity of the child and the family adjusting these factors, if necessary, to maintain the child’s health.

If the child falls ill, ditinologist as a multidisciplinary doctor examines a child, makes diagnosis and prescribes treatment for most children's diseases. Ditinologist refers a child to consult a medical specialist or undergo additional examination only when it is really needed. This is the way to protect the child from excessive stress associated with visits to doctors and diagnostic procedures.

Dobrobut MC Network is the only medical center in Ukraine guided by this approach to child’s health. Our ditinologists are experienced multidisciplinary medical specialists and child psychologists skilled to approach a child of any age. Establishing contact with the child and the parents and maintaining the child's health are the main priorities for a ditinologist.

Counseling by ditinologist is needed:

  • For prevention - scheduled examinations and health monitoring before vaccination
  • If there are complains of child’s physical condition: abdominal pain, headache, pain in the ears, sore throat, pain in the limbs, convulsions, weight loss, nausea and vomiting, fever, cough and other symptoms indicating that a child is ill
  • For follow-up examinations if parents suspect any developmental disorders in a child

Ditinologist services include:

  • establishing contact with a child
  • collection of complaints, clarification of medical history
  • detailed survey of parents about the symptoms and condition of a child
  • learning history of the child's development and disease
  • physical examination including measuring height, weight, body temperature and heart rate, and if necessary measuring the blood oxygen saturation level
  • prescribing additional testing, when needed
  • making preliminary/final diagnosis
  • determining case management tactics with detailed explanations of prescriptions, medicines and their dosage, specifics of dosage adjustments, possible side effects and others to the child's parents
  • scheduling the next visit for treatment adjustments and assessment of a child’s condition associated with the received treatment
  • recommendations on changing the diet, sleep-wake schedule and physical activities to maintain child’s health
  • composing individual vaccination schedule if for any reason the scheduled vaccinations were missed

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Pediatrician (Consultation by pediatric physician )

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