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Baby Health Program (0 to 1 year)

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Baby Health Program (0 to 1 year)

The first year of a child's life is an important and busy time for both the baby and the parents. In addition to love and security, the child needs proper care and supervision, because it is in the first year that the body forms all the important functions of the baby's body. To avoid unnecessary worries, we advise you to enlist the support of our doctors, who will monitor the child's development and will be there at the right time.

The birth of a child is an incredible moment in the life of all parents, which gives boundless happiness, but sometimes raises many questions. And this is perfectly normal. That is why our program is not only observation of the baby's health, but also communication with parents, the opportunity to support and provide all the necessary information for the child to grow up healthy and happy.

Our Baby Health program has several types:
  • “Basic”: the price is UAH 15 252 (includes a deposit of UAH 2,672)
  • “Extended”: the price is UAH 18 851 (includes a deposit of UAH 6,271)
  • "Premium": the price is UAH 24 851 (includes a deposit of UAH 12,271)
Baby Health program for all three types are the same, and the difference is in the amount of the deposit, which is included in the value of each of them.

What is a deposit?

Each child needs an individual approach, so our program contains not only a specific list of medical services for everyone. Together with your doctor, you will be able to decide which additional services you can use in our medical network with a 15% discount*.

What does a Baby Health program consist of:
  • 12 consultations of a pediatrician in a medical center
  • 2 consultations of a pediatrician at home within Kyiv **
  • 1 detailed blood test

If the consultation is provided by a referral expert, you need to make additional payment by the current price list at the time of contact.

Advantages of our program:

  • Your baby is assigned a personal pediatrician, who will be close from the first days of the baby’s life
  • You will be able to visit the clinic on your own individual schedule and have a priority appointment with a doctor, as well as for additional examinations outside the program.
  • Your doctor will draw up an individual vaccination schedule for your child according to the national preventive vaccination calendar, as well as recommendations for additional vaccinations if necessary.

Program terms and conditions: 1 year (deposit is not limited)

You can get additional information about the Baby Health program by calling our contact center: 044/097 495 2 888

* Such services include consultations of specialists, laboratory and ultrasound diagnostics. Thanks to the deposit, you can pay the cost of a vaccine or comprehensive services, but discount does not apply to these services.

** If you live outside the city, you will have to pay extra for each kilometer for the doctor's departure according to the current price at the time of treatment.

Paediatricians within the program:

Children's clinic in Obolon
(Ave. Heroes of Stalingrada 4, building 5)

Polyclinic for children and adults in Obolon
(16-V Heroes of Stalingrad Ave.)

Medical center "Dobrobut" for the whole family on Goloseevo

(Kiev, st.Marshal Konev 10/1)

Treatment and Diagnostic Center
(St. Family of Idzikovsky (Mikhail Mishin), 3)

Polyclinic for children and adults on Svyatoshino
(St. Svyatoshinskaya, 3-b)

Medical center "Dobrobut" for the whole family on Beresteyskaya

(st.Igor Sikorsky, 1, Kiev, 04112)

The Dobrobut medical centre for the whole family is located in the Pecherskyi district

(Dragomirova st., 20, Kyiv, 01103)

Medical center "Dobrobut" for children and adults in Sofievsky district

(Yabluneva st., 26)


  • Polyanskaya Elena Anatolievna
  • Bravistova Natalia Alexandrovna

  • Pediatricians

    Services included in the package:

    General comprehensive blood analysis with formula (hemanalyzer, ESR, formula) as planned
    Consultation by paediatric physician
    Consultation of the pediatrician at home, Kyiv
    Preanalytical stage in biological material study
    Payment for deposit health care programmes
    Package price:
    Baby Health Program (0 to 1 year)
    15252 uah
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