Ismahilov Eldar Rafailovych


The doctor provides the following services:

Consultation by ELT specialist
1090 uah
Follow-up consultation by ENT specialist (on the results of radiological study within 2 days)
870 uah
Removal of cerumen impaction using hardware
680 uah
Removal of cerumen impaction without using hardware
580 uah
Infusion of medication into larynx
550 uah
ENT-organs endoscopy
970 uah
Tonsil lacunae lavage
720 uah
Lavage of nasal cavity and accessory sinuses of the nose using hardware
680 uah
Sinus lavage with catheter (one-sided)
500 uah
Proetz sinus lavage
660 uah
Lavage of accessory sinuses of the nose through fistula
660 uah
Simple bandaging of ENT organs
970 uah
Complex bandaging of ENT organs
1430 uah
Ear toilet
385 uah
Nasal toilet
370 uah

Patient reviews of Ismahilov Eldar Rafailovych

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