High qualification

Regular training of the team, the level of qualification is checked by certified instructors of the European Resuscitation Council

☎ 5288
24-hour-a-day work

Receiving calls 24/7, regardless of the place of residence or registration of patients

Quality and level of security

Аre all necessary for providing qualified medical care to adults and children

Multidisciplinary approach

Interaction of doctors of different specialties in the management of the patient

First aid 5288

24 hours in days there is on duty a command of doctors of Kiev subdivision the «First aid», accepting challenge through a call-center and carrying out departures to the patients.

We carry out:

• Departures of brigades of the first aid for adults and children, including specialized

• Konsulting departures of doctor are on a house for adults and children
• Transporting of patients, medical accompaniment on Ukraine and after its limits

• Consultations and manipulations are in ambulatory terms

• Accompaniment of measures (sporting competitions, corporate holidays, trainings and so on)

In addition, the doctors of the first aid conduct:

• Treatment of abstinent syndrome
• Treatment of acetonemicheskogo syndrome for children

If necessary in the complement of brigade narrow specialists are included.

The presence of agreements with leading medical establishments allows operatively to hospitalize a patient in the specialized establishment of necessary type.

We can provide also transporting the patient to the ramp for further medical support throughout Ukraine, Europe, CIS and Asia.


The Urgent calls serve cars 10 reanimobiles Mercedes and 2 Volkswagen
For providing of departure ambulatory (konsulting) help 2 cars Skoda Roomster are used.

The equipment of reanimobiles allows to render an urgent help practically any complication in transit.

• Elektrokardiograf (removal of EKG during motion of car)

• Kardiodefibrillyator

• A vehicle of IVL with an oxygenator (artificial ventilation of lights)

• The Vacuum stretchers, stretchers of type are a «scoop»

• Pul'saksimetr (exact measuring of saturation of blood oxygen for patients with cardiac or vascular pathology)

• pneumo-oxygenator (a serve of oxygen is in urgent cases)

• The Vacuum fixative tires

• Collar of Shanca (fixing of neck department of spine)

• Electro-sucking (extraction from the organs of the saved liquid or foreign bodies)

• Glyukometr (determination of level of sugar is in blood)

• System of monitoring of «Innocare S»

Reanimobiles have a spacious salon, soft pendant, conditioner, noiseisolation, system of the autonomous heating.

Our experts

In subdivision the «First aid» the Medical network of «Dobrobut» paediatricians, reanimatology of the first and higher category, having a few additional specializations, work (neurology, toxicology, cardiology).

To cause the first aid possibly from a mobile number on a short number 5288, or written down on a reception to the doctor after a tel.: (044) / (097) 495 2-888 round-the-clock.

Around the clock

Clinic`s services:

CardiologySurgeryEndovascular surgery
Aortic valve endoprosthetics

Endoprosthetics of the aortic valve is a minimally invasive operation that avoids opening the chest and connecting the patient to the cardiopulmonary bypass system. The implant (valve prosthesis) is delivered to the heart through a catheter inserted into

Anaesthiologist consultation

Anaesthiologist consultation

ОrthopedicsMedical ultrasoundDiagnosticianTraumatology
Ultrasound examinations

Ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound) is a widely used, available, harmless, painless and effective method of diagnostics of internal organs using ultrasonic waves (mechanical high-frequency oscillations with short wavelength).

Transportation of new-born children

The emergency aid unit of Dobrobut clinic chain offers services of transportation of babies in equipped mobile ICUs, accompanied by a specialized mobile team for the safe escort of a new-born child.


Transportation in Ukraine and abroad.

Medical evacuation and hospitalization of patients in Ukraine and abroad

Medical evacuation and hospitalization of patients in Ukraine and abroad

Medical support of public events

Duty of an ambulance or emergency aid team during any public event is the foundation of people’s safety.

Orthopedic traumatology

Orthopedics and traumatology are medical specialties that operate in diagnostics and treatment of acquired deformations (injuries) and congenital locomotor pathologies (bones, joints, muscles).


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Licenses, Certificates, Credentials

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