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Stroke is a dangerous disease, which, if the medical aid is not provided timely, may result in serious consequences for human health and even death. In case of a suspected stroke, the first 4 hours after the development of the first symptoms are the most important for saving life and health of the person.

That is why it is important to get the timely and comprehensive medical aid of a coordinated team of specialists within this period.

Dobrobut Stroke Center, Service prices:

  • Consultation by neurosurgeon1400 uah
  • Consultation by general practitioner / family doctor1090 uah
  • Consultation by neuropathist1090 uah
  • Consultation by speech therapist870 uah
  • Consultation of a rehabilitation therapist for children (checking movements, skills and dysfunctions)1165 uah
  • Consultation by cardiologist1090 uah

Which services are offered by the Stroke Center

Dobrobut Stroke Center offers the complete cycle of immediate medical aid for patients with a stroke provided by the specialists working with strokes, starting from the call of an ambulance to the patronage of the patient after the discharge from the hospital.

Dobrobut Stroke Center includes:

  • emergency medical aid and patient’s transfer to the hospital for emergency diagnostics and further treatment;
  • complete diagnostics immediately after the arrival to the hospital (CT, MRI, CT and MR-angiography, CT-perfusion);
  • thrombolytic therapy;
  • provision of the necessary pharmaceutical and surgical treatment of the stroke after diagnostics;
  • rehabilitation after the stroke;
  • patronage after the discharge from the hospital.

The following modern expert-level diagnostic equipment is used at Dobrobut Stroke Center:

  • CT (computerized tomography; CT angiography; CT perfusion);
  • cerebral angiography;
  • MRI;
  • MR angiography of brain vessels.

Experienced radiologists will help to determine the precise localization of the focal area of the vessels damaged by the stroke and the degree of their damage as fast as possible. The data received will help to assess the consequences, to choose the tactics of treatment, to determine the necessity of a surgical intervention.

The Stroke Center is located at Dobrobut Medical Center at the address: 3 Simyi Idzikovskych Str. The center includes the wards for 15 patients, a stroke unit (an intensive care unit), beds in the resuscitation unit, operating rooms on the basis of the neurosurgery department, rehabilitation room and ergotherapy room, psychologist’s office. The room for the rehabilitation of the patients after a stroke has the most advanced equipment.
Comprehensive efforts of the team of specialists helps to provide the timely medical aid for the patients after a stroke and maximally preserve the body functions affected by the disease.



Stroke Center team



The multidisciplinary team of experienced specialists fight for life and health of the patients who have been diagnosed with a stroke; the team includes:

  • neurologist;
  • radiologist;
  • critical care physician;
  • general practitioner;
  • cardiologist;
  • speech therapist;
  • rehabilitation therapist;
  • ergotherapist;
  • the team of specially trained nurses and paramedical personnel.

The tremendous advantage of Dobrobut Stroke Center is the emergency assistance service and prenotification service that notifies the whole stroke service about the admittance of a patient with a stroke and gives the report on his/her condition in order to prepare all the necessary clinic and diagnostic actions.

After the end of the acute period of stroke, the experienced team is responsible for the rehabilitation of the patient, consisting of:

  • general practitioner;
  • neurologist;
  • physical rehabilitation therapist;
  • speech therapist.

The main task of the Stroke Center specialists is to provide timely medical aid and to perform rehabilitation procedures for the prompt return of the patient to a fulfilling life after a stroke.

The specialists of the Stroke Center are ready to provide medical aid and follow-up not only in a hospital, but after the period of hospital stay if necessary.

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Physicians who provide referral services Dobrobut Stroke Center:

6experience (y.)
Valko Ruslan Andriiovych
21experience (y.)
Zhylinska Tamara Mykhailivna
5experience (y.)
Zemlianyi Yevhen Ihorovych
Anesthesiologist; Algology
23experience (y.)
Korzhan Viktoriia Arkadiivna
29experience (y.)
Kushnerenko Olesia Leonidivna
13experience (y.)
Moskalenko Roman Vitaliiovych
28experience (y.)
Pepenina Iryna Borysivna

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