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Diagnosis and treatment of dry eye and corneal syndrome

The eye is constantly in contact with the environment, and its tissues need a lot of moisture. If the mechanism of moisturizing the eye does not work efficiently enough, it can lead to the development of dry eye syndrome. Insufficient eye hydration significantly worsens the patient's quality of life and affects his psychological state. Dry eye disease is a problem of many people in the world, it is precisely because of it that they most often turn to an ophthalmologist.

At the Dobrobut ophthalmology clinic, doctors help to solve this problem. We advise you to consult a doctor as soon as possible if you notice signs of dry eye.

Symptoms of dry eye disease

A person often does not notice the first symptoms of the disease. Over time, dry eyes can feel like physical discomfort. The following signs are added later:

  • Feeling of a foreign body that cannot be found during examination. This sensation may disappear after some time of staying with the eyes closed. There is a need to cover the eyes at any appropriate moment.
  • Burning eyes that worsen during the day, especially while working at the computer.
  • Feeling of fog in front of the eyes, which now appears and then disappears.

Dry eye can be confused with conjunctivitis, because constant dryness causes red eyes, discharge, itching of the eyelids, etc.

Symptoms are aggravated in a room with too dry air, outside in the wind, after visual stress.

Causes of dry eye

  • Insufficient activity of the meibomian glands, which are responsible for moistening the eyes and are of great importance in tear exchange. If there is a problem with fluid leakage, the eyes systematically do not receive enough moisture.
  • Infection. If the treatment was not effective enough, or was not carried out at all, the infectious process may continue in a less active form and disrupt the natural mechanisms of the eye.
  • Demodecosis. It is important to conduct a study that will refute or confirm the presence of parasites that cause diseases.
  • Age. Most often, dry eye syndrome develops after the age of 40, but if a person constantly works at a computer, the problem can appear much earlier.
  • Systemic disorders of hormone metabolism. Also, the risk of dry eye increases significantly with diabetes.
  • Constant use of contact lenses. It is important to take care of the condition of the cornea, to prevent overdrying, to use high-quality products and to observe the rules of hygiene when changing and storing lenses.

Treatment in Dobrobut for dry eye syndrome

The ophthalmologist will conduct a diagnosis to identify the cause of the development of dry eyes. After that, a treatment plan can be drawn up, which will take into account the individual characteristics of the course of the disease and the needs of the patient.

If dry eyes are detected at an early stage, lifestyle changes, increased eyelid hygiene, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that can disrupt corneal hydration can help.

If the cause of dry eye is local, due to insufficiency of the lipid layer of the tear film, meibomian glands, then simple eyelid and eye care measures can help. The doctor can prescribe a massage of the eyelids on a glass stick, care procedures, compresses.

If the main component of the problem is a lack of the aqueous part of tears, then tear substitutes, which are recommended to be used constantly, can be effective. At the same time, it is important to examine the general state of health, identify possible hormonal disorders, hidden infectious processes, etc.

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Diagnosis and treatment of dry eye and corneal syndrome

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