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Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma

In the Dobrobut ophthalmology clinic you can go outside without restraints and immediately develop treatment for glaucoma. The current equipment in our clinic allows you to analyze the ophthalmic system with high accuracy, and all Investigations are carried out in the shortest possible time.

Glaucoma – This is a progressive illness, which is characterized by progressive “evil spirits.” visual nerve, impaired vision is one of the main causes of blindness. Displacement of the eye pressure in the eye appears as a result of impaired circulation of the heart. In this case, people do not feel any pain or discomfort. Glaucoma can remain undetected for a long time and is often diagnosed after signs of irreversible changes.

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Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT)7790 uah
Iridectomy7400 uah
Antiglaucomatous surgery with AJL scleral drainage implantation46740 uah
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Cause glaucoma development

Increased eye pressure is an immediate cause of the development of pathological changes in the evaluation of glaucoma.

What could officials expect from coming:

  • pathology of the eye vessels,
  • arterial hypertension,
  • nelikovana cataract,
  • nerve pathology,
  • taking glucocorticoids,
  • reception of fenced rivers,
  • eye injury
  • blood diabetes,
  • sickness of the thyroid gland,
  • chronic stress
  • infusion of chemical speeches.

Glaucoma is often of a slender nature. It is therefore important to regularly undergo preventive testing, since some of your close relatives have such a diagnosis.

Age is an important criterion for suspecting glaucoma. If there is a history of depression, doctors recommend performing regular ophthalmological procedures starting from 40 years.

Symptoms of glaucoma

Glaucoma may not be noticeable for a long time, people do not perceive problems with their eyesight.

Constantly moving the eye pressure step by step destroys the vitality of the retina and the visual nerve, which leads to irreversible changes. The symptoms that people with glaucoma experience are already a sign of significant pathological changes. Moreover, some serious symptoms without special investigation may become irrelevant in everyday life. It’s a very difficult time to come to terms with what it is, before the singing world, before any compensation is still possible.

Characteristic symptoms of glaucoma:

  • wasting the field of the dawn,
  • rainbow stakes when looking at the light,
  • lowering the bitterness of the dawn,
  • severe pain in the eyes (an attack of glaucoma with a risk of simultaneous loss of vision).

Formie glaucoma:

  • Zacritocutean glaucoma,
  • critocuteal glaucoma,
  • impaired glaucoma.

What is important is the greater type of glaucoma in the subcutaneous form. The drainage system of the eye does not work correctly, otherwise the robot can be adjusted, after which the house can easily collapse. Subcutaneous glaucoma can go on for three hours without symptoms, because compensatory mechanisms operate.

If glaucoma occurs, loss of vision occurs with pain syndrome, which is characteristic of the closed cuta form. This occurs when the internal eye pressure is sharply moved.

Zakritokutova form of glaucoma cannot but be corrected with medication. The natural drainage system of the eye is blocked by the iris membrane. This leads to a sharp increase in pressure in the middle of the eye, which manifests itself in pain, blurred vision, darkened eyes, enlarged eyes and a variety of reactions to light.

Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma in Dobrobut

The treatment for glaucoma begins with a look at the internal eye pressure and identification of risk factors. If necessary, patients undergo additional ophthalmological treatment, which includes the following methods:

  • tonometry
  • autorefractokeratometry,
  • pachymetry,
  • gonioscopy,
  • ophthalmoscopy,
  • exobiometry,
  • static computer’yutern perimetry,
  • optical coherence tomography of the anterior/posterior eye,
  • A-scanning or eye biometry, including PZO dimming
  • Ultrasonic B-scanning
  • microperimetry of the eye.

Glaucoma treatment

Due to the peculiarities of illness, the doctor may note:

  • medication (drops, injections, tablets)
  • Lazerne Likuvannya
  • surgical treatment.

There is one important thing in this method. All of them can successfully solve the problem of glaucoma. It is important to meet the individual needs of the patient.

Prevention of glaucoma:

  • Vidmova from alcohol, medicine and drugs;
  • Don’t waste your time in a dark place;
  • Victory of gadgets and viewing of TB only in the light;
  • Drink 1.5 liters of liquid throughout the day;
  • Do not take procedures that involve temperature changes;
  • When exercising physically, do not lower your head below your waist;
  • Do not take medications that are used to expand the area;
  • Do not take medications that contain atropine, beladone, caffeine, strychnine;
  • Reduce stress at home and at work;
  • Sleep for at least 8 years;
  • When the light is bright, the eyepieces are dark;
  • Do not eat fatty, smoked, salted, clear offal or meat broths;

The milk-raspberry diet is richer in vitamins and microelements.

To avoid complications, all adults can check the internal pressure at least once every 4 days. After 40 years of age, it is necessary to undergo skin problems, and if this is a factor in the risk of glaucoma, then skin disease. People over 60 years of age need to control the pressure on their skin.

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Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma

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