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Hardware treatment

At the Dobrobut ophthalmology clinic, computer, laser and multimedia visual loads are used for hardware treatment to stimulate the visual system.

Hardware treatment methods are most in demand in children's ophthalmology, because play activity is natural for a child, and the function of the eyes is still undergoing changes. In essence, this is modern visual gymnastics that stimulates the necessary muscles and affects the shape and function of the eye.

Hardware treatment in Dobrobut

In Dobrobut there is a specialized office for hardware treatment, where experienced optometrists work, guided by international recommendations. Our specialists will interest the child, tell about the essence of the method, answer any questions. Work on improving vision in Dobrobut is easy and quite effective.

Hardware eye treatment in a child requires 5 or 10 visits to the clinic for each course. Which course is needed, whether it will be one, is determined during diagnosis and after analyzing the first results of treatment. It is always individual, we can adapt the game to the needs of the child.

The combination of high international standards and an individual approach allows us to achieve expected and sustainable treatment results. You can be sure that your child receives exactly the treatment that solves his vision problem.

Essence of the method

Training and relaxation of the eye muscles in myopia, asthenopia, spasm of accommodation is possible when using special computer programs that work as a simulator. At the same time, the training itself is not perceived as hard work, because the child performs interesting game tasks. This treatment is effective for strabismus, amblyopia, when to correct the situation, it is necessary to specially load some muscles and relax others.

In this way, we work with all forms of eye refraction disorders, correct farsightedness, myopia, and astigmatism. We can help a child with spasm of accommodation.

After refractive surgery, the hardware method accelerates rehabilitation and makes it more effective.

Hardware treatment in children

Possibilities of hardware treatment are closely related to timely diagnosis. We invite children and adults to preventive examinations at least once every six months.

Early diagnosis allows you to detect a vision problem just when it can be managed with exercises. The plasticity of the processes of the child's body makes hardware methods especially effective in preschool and school age. We use this opportunity to engage the natural mechanisms of vision restoration, thereby preventing the appearance of many ophthalmological problems in adulthood.

An additional advantage of the hardware method is that it is a non-contact and painless procedure.

The course of hardware treatment consists of sessions of 40-60 minutes. We try to ensure that the child is calm throughout the session and not bored, so that the treatment brings maximum benefit. If necessary, the doctor may recommend repeating the course after 3-6 months.

If you would like to find out more information about the service or make an appointment at MS Dobrobut, leave a request and our coordinator will contact you.

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Hardware treatment

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