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Ophthalmic genetics

Genetic factors largely determine the predisposition to the development of certain eye pathologies. Ophthalmological genetics is designed to reveal the probability of disease development based on the analysis of the patient's genetic information for the prevention of possible diseases.

At the Dobrobut ophthalmology clinic, the most modern methods are used for genetic research, based on the results of which experienced doctors give recommendations on measures to prevent the disease or reduce its consequences.

Service prices:

GEN_Corneal Dystrophy Gene Panel (NGS, 29 genes, medium, OP1601)28800 uah
GEN_Retinal Dystrophy Gene Panel (NGS, 351 genes, large, OP0801)32500 uah
GEN_Macular Dystrophy Gene Panel (NGS, 28 genes, medium, OP0101)28800 uah
GEN_Neuro-ophthalmic genetic panel (NGS, 97 genes, medium, OP1301)28800 uah
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Diseases with hereditary risk

  • Glaucoma is a disease associated with increased intraocular pressure, which can eventually lead to complete blindness. The eye fluid presses on the optic nerve, which has a negative effect on it. Without treatment, damage to the optic nerve occurs in glaucoma, these are irreversible changes. Hereditary predisposition to glaucoma is determined by genes that control the level of intraocular fluid pressure. It is necessary to pay particular attention to the analysis of hereditary predisposition, if glaucoma was or is present in close relatives.
  • Degenerative diseases of the retina can also cause complete blindness. Some genes that determine the functioning of the retina have value in determining risk. They may be damaged or missing. Be sure to undergo a genetic analysis if any of your close relatives have had blindness due to retinal problems, multiple retinal operations.
  • Cataract is manifested by a change in the qualities and function of the lens, it becomes cloudy, becomes more rigid and loses its ability to accommodate, and eventually stops letting light through. Fortunately, this problem is now successfully eliminated surgically, using a laser. The damaged lens can be replaced and vision is restored. However, the operation must be performed in time, before the cataract is complicated by glaucoma. Heredity can determine the rate of aging of the lens, which contributes to the development of cataracts. But lifestyle is also of great importance. Therefore, everyone who is prone to the development of cataracts should follow measures that prevent this problem.

How to prevent eye diseases

Doctors of the Dobrobut ophthalmology clinic advise to undergo regular preventive examinations in order to see changes in time and start treatment. Detection of even hereditary diseases at the initial stage significantly increases the probability of preserving vision and stopping the development of the pathological process. Some pathological changes can disappear without noticeable consequences, provided quick and qualified treatment.

Additionally observe the following rules:

  • do eye exercises;
  • observe eye hygiene;
  • follow the reaction of the eyes to the computer monitor, watching movies in 3D;
  • avoid circumstances and activities unfavorable to your eyes;
  • protect your eyes from injuries, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light;
  • use only high-quality eye and skin care products;
  • learn about possible hereditary risks to eye health and get regular eye exams with them.

Genetic counseling in Dobrobut

Genetic testing begins with the collection of anamnesis, the history of diseases in your closest relatives. The doctor pays special attention to eye diseases.

Diagnosis of vision and eye condition helps the doctor determine the initial state of your health. Then, on the basis of these results, the dynamics of changes, if any, can be followed. The doctor will identify related genes for further research.

Direct genetic analysis is carried out on a piece of saliva or blood. The results of the study are discussed, after which the doctor offers options for action.

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Ophthalmic genetics

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