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Advisory services

In Dobrobut ophthalmology, you can get advice from an experienced ophthalmologist on any issue. We provide diagnostic services, can provide independent consultation when planning surgery, if you need another doctor's opinion, draw up a rehabilitation plan, advise on your ongoing treatment, confirm or deny a diagnosis, etc.

Service prices:

Consultation of an ophthalmic surgeon for adults, an expert in the field2890 uah
Pediatric consultation by ophthalmologist, expert of the sector in the clinic1720 uah
Pediatric ophthalmologist consultation1300 uah
Consultation by ophthalmologist with the estimation of ophthalmotonous pressure and autorefractometry1300 uah
Consultation with an Ocular Geneticist2890 uah
Laser ophthalmic surgeon, retinologist consultation1150 uah
Consultation of an ophthalmic surgeon for adults1260 uah
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Modern diagnostics in Dobrobut

Our ophthalmologists are highly qualified and have extensive diagnostic experience, which allows patients to always feel at ease during the examination and be confident in the results of the examination and treatment. Vision diagnostics in Dobrobut can be an independent procedure or part of treatment.

Routine diagnostic procedures in ophthalmology:

  • visual acuity check,
  • definition of fields of vision,
  • research of the refractive function of the eye,
  • determining the condition of the cornea,
  • determination of intraocular pressure,
  • research of the fundus,
  • computer study of the central zone of the retina and the visible part of the optic nerve,
  • determining the transparency of the vitreous body.

The duration of an ophthalmologist's examination can be from half an hour to two hours. During the examination, the doctor may suspect pathological processes, which may require more thorough diagnosis. Therefore, it is not always possible to predetermine the duration of the examination.

The doctor can appoint a repeat examination after treatment, or after some time in order to monitor the dynamics of changes.

Consultative services in Dobrobut

For any question regarding the eyes, you can contact the Dobrobut clinic, make an appointment with a doctor and get comprehensive information about your health.

Prophylactic ophthalmological examinations can prevent many complex problems, so we advise you to visit your ophthalmologist for regular consultations. Timely detection of pathological changes, before they become a serious disease, saves time and money for treatment and protects your eyes.

When it may be necessary to consult an ophthalmologist

  • Age from 45 years: we recommend visiting an ophthalmologist at least once a year. If at the same time you have a systemic chronic disease, visits may be more frequent.
  • Pregnant: it is necessary to control the vision and the condition of the eye day. After giving birth, it is advisable to undergo a repeat examination.
  • People with diabetes, hypertension: should visit an ophthalmologist at least once every six months.
  • Using glasses: periodically it is necessary to adjust their power, according to changes in visual acuity. Even if you do not feel any changes and the situation really remains the same, you should make sure of this at an appointment with an ophthalmologist.
  • Contact lenses: before using the lenses, the doctor will provide recommendations for eye care, how to store the lenses, change them, select products for their care, etc.
  • Work related to the use of a computer or involves an increased load on the eyes for other reasons.

If you would like to find out more information about the service or make an appointment at MS Dobrobut, leave a request and our coordinator will contact you.

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Advisory services

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Serhiienko Andrii Mykolaiovych
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Ivniev Bohdan Borysovych
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Shynkaryk Mariia Petrivna