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Functional diagnostics of vision

Timely diagnosis of vision helps to identify the problem at the stage when its solution requires the least effort. The experienced team of doctors of the medical chain "Dobrobut" recommends undergoing functional diagnostics of vision regularly. Preventive examinations do not require much time and money, but they are the most significant contribution to the health of your eyes.

After the examination, experienced ophthalmologists will provide you with comprehensive information about your vision condition and, if necessary, offer to start treatment. An integrated approach to diagnostics will help to preserve your vision for many years.

In the Dobrobut ophthalmology clinic, you will receive a correct attitude, a thorough, most objective examination of the visual system using modern equipment. We are attentive to any patient's questions, and the high professionalism of our specialists is reflected in the observance of ethical issues.

Our ophthalmologists will also provide independent consultation if you require another thought regarding the results of surgery in another clinic.

Service prices:

  • Comprehensive ophthalmological examination2630 uah
  • Selection of contact lenses350 uah
  • Photo of retina of both eyes270 uah
  • Optical coherence tomography of both eyes1020 uah
  • Perimetry530 uah
  • Measurement of intraocular pressure450 uah
  • Gonioscopy230 uah
  • Optical coherence tomography of one eye580 uah
  • Determination of intraocular pressure using the iCare device700 uah
  • Microperimetry (One Eye)840 uah
  • Eye Biometry500 uah
  • A-scan (APD)350 uah
  • Optical coherence angiography (OCT-Angio) of both eyes3680 uah
  • Ultrasound B-scan of one eye580 uah
  • Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCT-Angiography) of the Eye1890 uah

How to understand that you need to undergo ophthalmological diagnostics:

  • Yakscho you are waving skargi on the gostrot zora or the camp of the eyes
  • Your age is more than 40 years
  • When you are pregnant
  • If endocrine disease is evident, treat diabetic diabetes
  • If problems with the heart and veins are evident
  • How do you avoid periodically cutting the blood pressure
  • In case of permanent wear of contact lenses
  • How do you carry out on the computer for more than 2 years to get money

How to diagnose vision at the Dobrobut Ophthalmology Clinic

An ophthalmologist takes care of your problems and carefully collects information about all the related health problems and features of your way of life. The greatest respect is due For the patient's vision, for a clear diagnosis, it is important to provide new information about the vital state of a healthy person, their symptoms, their minds, etc. A multidisciplinary approach is a key advantage in diagnosing vision in our ophthalmology clinic, and the clinic is located on the basis of the medical care hospital “Dobrobut” on Bazhana Avenue, 12-A.

After collecting information, the patient is sent to the diagnostic room, where the next stage of investigation is selected:

  • autorefractokeratometry,
  • pneumotonometry or tonometry Icare,
  • pachymetry,
  • Viznachenya Gostroti Zora,
  • carrying out sub'active refraction,
  • computer'perimetry.

Standard diagnostic methods can be supplemented as follows:

  • optical coherence tomography,
  • angiography
  • optical biometrics,
  • microperimetry,
  • photography of the day.

In this way, depending on consumption, diagnostics can last from 30 minutes to 2 years. For the entire hour, the doctor will tell you about his actions and explain the method of manipulation. During the diagnostic process, it may be necessary to use special drops to widen the size of the eye. The doctor clearly asks about intolerance to the drug or any problems with health.

An examination by an ophthalmologist when the area is widened may indicate some discomfort, but over time it becomes clear. After burying the droplets in the eye, you will also need to caulk 15-40 hvilins, the docks will expand.

If you suffer from chronic eye disease, you know about the decrease in your vision, regular diagnostics will help to treat these problems under control and change their negative manifestations.

We are just as welcome to pass diagnosis of the eye before surgical correction of the eye.

Preparing before quilting

Come to the dressing room without decorative cosmetics.

It is important to eat in advance, but not later, at least two years before fasting.

Warn yourself beforehand about alcohol, don’t drink too much, don’t use psychotropic speeches.

If you are using any contact lenses, please resign them on the day of diagnosis. Hard lenses should be replaced with eyepieces 2 days before diagnosis.

In the background, tell us how to quickly turn back home if you need further investigation from the extended area. Better yet, I wish I could accompany you. Take the sun-protection eyepieces.

If you would like to find out more information about the service or make an appointment at MS Dobrobut, leave a request and our coordinator will contact you.

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Functional diagnostics of vision

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