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Children's ophthalmology

It is important to take care of vision from an early age to prevent the development of eye diseases. Careful attention to vision in childhood allows you to significantly improve the quality of life in adulthood.

At the Dobrobut ophthalmology clinic, an experienced pediatric ophthalmologist will conduct a preventive examination, diagnosis, treatment and answer all your questions.

Service prices:

  • Intubation and initial rinsing of nasolacrimal canal of one eye790 uah
  • Intubation and recurrent rinsing of nasolacrimal canal of one eye550 uah
  • Instrumental vision correction (1 session)510 uah
  • Surgical treatment of strabismus in children (up to 18 years), one eye13980 uah

Check your child's vision in Dobrobut

It is possible to detect a problem with a child's vision at the stage when it is easily solved only in the ophthalmologist's office. A young child may not always report vision problems. Even at school age, it is difficult for parents to track unfavorable changes. That is why it is important to regularly bring the child to the ophthalmologist for preventive examinations.

Schedule of preventive examinations

At 6 months

At this age, there is already a clear fixation of objects with two eyes. Deviation from the norm may indicate strabismus, astigmatism, myopia. If this condition is not corrected in time, amblyopia of one eye may develop.

In 1 year

The age when a child's visual system can be considered formed. The doctor should check whether all mechanisms of light perception are normal.

At 3 years old

Sight becomes the main tool for knowing the world. The load on the eyes can increase significantly, but the compensation mechanisms are not yet sufficiently developed. It is important to keep eye health under control.

At 6 years old

A new jump in eye strain associated with the start of school. A pediatric ophthalmologist should check whether the compensatory mechanisms work sufficiently with heavy eye loads. The doctor will provide recommendations on the prevention of vision disorders and eye diseases.

7-17 years

A pediatric ophthalmologist monitors the condition of the eyes and visual acuity once every six months. This allows you to identify the problem in time and avoid complications.

If a child has suffered an eye injury, or you have seen sudden changes in habits when reading, watching videos, drawing, etc., you should urgently consult a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Mechanisms of vision loss in children

Optical mechanisms of reduced vision consist in a change in the refraction ability of the lens or vitreous body, a violation of the transparency of the cornea.

Sensory mechanisms may be associated with a disorder of the retina and its inability to fully perform its functions. Or another link is involved, the optic nerve, the center of vision in the brain.

What parents can notice

The child may begin to look closely at small letters, details of the picture, objects, squint, write or draw, tilting the head low.

Complaints about pain in the eyes, unpleasant sensations, headache after visual stress may appear.

The child often has red eyes, she rubs them with her hands, blinks.

What children's vision problems do we work with at Dobrobut

  • Myopia - poor vision at a long distance. The child sees best in the area of the outstretched arm.
  • Squint - deviation of one eye to the side when looking straight ahead. This condition can be acquired or congenital, periodic or permanent.
  • Amblyopia is a functional visual disorder of a child, which can lead to the development of organic changes if timely help is not provided.
  • Astigmatism as a result of congenital curvature of the cornea, when light rays cannot focus on one point of the retina. Visual acuity is lost.

We work using modern equipment and have considerable experience in working with children. Our patients always receive care according to the highest standards, attention and support, effective recommendations and support. Dobrobut is an ideal clinic for a first visit to a pediatric ophthalmologist.

If you would like to find out more information about the service or make an appointment at MS Dobrobut, leave a request and our coordinator will contact you.

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Children's ophthalmology

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