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Neurologist’s house call

The quality of functioning of the whole organism depends on the health of the nervous system. Therefore, it is important to regularly visit a neurologist, and if alarming symptoms appear, contact a specialist. Thanks to preventive examinations by a neurologist, it is possible to prevent the development of disorders of the nervous system and diagnose the disease at an early stage.

Neurologists of Dobrobut Clinic Chain perform diagnostics and treatment of the central and peripheral nervous system applying international protocols and the latest achievements in medicine.

Neurologists of Dobrobut Clinic Chain treat the following diseases:

  • acute ischemic stroke;
  • condition after strokes, traumatic brain injury, post-infectious and post-intoxication lesions of the central nervous system (conservative-restorative treatment);
  • vegetative-vascular disorders;
  • Parkinson disease and other movement disorders;
  • epilepsy and epileptic syndromes;
  • vascular diseases of the central nervous system (encephalopathy, consequences of strokes);
  • diseases of the peripheral nervous system, accompanied by pain, including vertebrology and radiculopathy, myofascial syndrome;
  • neuralgia and neuropathy of various origins and any localization;
  • zona serpiginosa;
  • dysfunction of the vegetative nervous system of various origins (as a result of stress, vascular disorders, traumatic brain injury, neuroinfection, as well as age-related changes in the body during pre-menopause and menopause), panic attacks, vegetative crises;
  • headaches of various origins.

Neurologist’s house call is the optimal decision when you need a consultation and have no possibility to visit a clinic.

When should you call a neurologist at home?

Neurologist’s house call is an opportunity to get a quality diagnostics and treatment in the environment, which is very comfortable for the patient, without additional stress and waste of time on commuting.

A timely visit to a doctor saves your main resource, time, and prevents complications. Therefore, you need to call a neurologist home immediately if you feel alarming symptoms, but there is no possibility to go to the clinic.

Do not self-treat, as you can harm yourself and worsen your condition. Timely consultation by a neurologist at home is the responsible and wise decision.

The symptoms that require a neurologist’s consultation at home are as follows:

  • headache and pain in the facial area;
  • dizziness, instability when walking;
  • weakness in the limbs, pain in the limbs;
  • any cases of impaired sensitivity;
  • facial asymmetry;
  • seizures with loss of consciousness (with or without cramps);
  • memory disorders;
  • vision disorders (overlapping shadows, loss of vision zones (scotoma) or tunneling of vision, especially in young people);
  • hearing impairment (noise effects, diminished hearing or hearing changes);
  • taste and olfaction perversion;
  • pains in back and neck;
  • qualms;
  • sleep disruptions.

Diagnostics and treatment

Neurologist’s house call is a possibility to undergo an examination and get a comprehensive consultation and doctors recommendations.

During a visit a doctor will assess the gait and the speech of a patient, reaction rate, memory, find out a family history (whether there is a tendency to genetic diseases) and lifestyle features. Neurologist’s check-up at home also includes checking reflexes, pupil reaction, muscle strength.

After examination and assessment of the condition, the doctor will provide the recommendations for changing the lifestyle, prescribe treatment and refer to additional examinations, if required.

Advantages of neurologist’s house call

Dobrobut Clinic Chain specialists are always by your side, we make sure that our patients feel confident and protected.

You can call a neurologist at home in Kyiv and outside the city.

Neurologists of Dobrobut Clinic Chain have the extensive work experience, constantly study and improve their qualification. Our coordinators will help you choose the most convenient time for a doctor’s home visit.

Dobrobut Clinic Chain takes care of your health and comfort. Trusting us, you can be sure of high-quality diagnostics, consulting, attention and sincere care for you and your loved ones.

You can make a neurologist’s house call in Kyiv by phone number (044; 097) 495-2-888.


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