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Vynohradova Tetiana Mykolaivna

Vynohradova Tetiana Mykolaivna

Pediatric nephrologist
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child doctor
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The Doctor provides the following services:

Pediatric nephrologist consultation
1260 uah
Consultation of a children's specialist of the narrow profile at home, Kyiv
2460 uah
Consultation of a narrow profile specialist home/hotel/office visit, outside Kyiv (within 30 km)
2950 uah
Information about the doctor Vynohradova Tetiana Mykolaivna

Category: First


  • Bogomolets National Medical University

Areas of professional development:

  • in 1997 graduated from the Faculty of Paediatrics of O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University in specialty Pediatric Physician;
  • in 1998 finished the residency in specialty Paediatrics;
  • in 2001 finished the specialty course and earned the title of nephrologist;
  • in 2016 finished the pre-certification cycle in nephrology to earn the first qualification grade;
  • from 2018 has been a member of Ukrainian Association of Nephrologists;
  • attends the nephrological research and practice conference with global participation twice a year;
  • attends courses of thematic advanced training on a regular basis; the last courses attended: Diagnostics and treatment of renal diseases of children; Congenital genetic orphan renal diseases of children; HIV/AIDS response: modern integrated approach (1/13-3/6/2020);
  • in 2019 participated in the following research integration: Informational letter to the Ministry of Health No. 245-2019 “Urological vaccination in case of a recurrent infection of urinary tracts”.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • treatment-and-consultation work with children suffering from renal diseases.
  • “Interventional diagnostic techniques, CT, MRI, ultrasound, immunohistochemical tests are used more widely. Early nephroprotective therapy is in progress.
  • “Patient with chronic, recurrent renal and urinary diseases seek my medical advice.”
  • “A good doctor is an attentive professional that possesses the state-of-the-art knowledge, with the wide area of thought. It is a person that loves children.”
  • “Balanced diet and evening walk help me stay healthy.”

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • X-ray radiography.

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • “My hobbies are design and sewing. My favorite books are: M. Matios “Beechen land”, B. Pasternak “Doctor Zhivago”.

Doctor's advice:

  • “Observe medical recommendations rigidly.”

Advantages of MM 'Dobrobut':

  • “The clinic provides comfortable working conditions for the doctors. Patients have the motivation for quick recovery.”

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мы очень любим нашу Татьяну Николаевну,замечательный доктор,неравнодушная,участливая,она как мама для своих маленьких пациентов.

– АННА04.05.2017

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Vynohradova Tetiana Mykolaivna

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