Allergy diagnostics

Dobrobut clinic chain uses modern methods of laboratory and functional diagnostics together with the tests to determine the allergens to confirm the diagnosis of allergy and to determine the irritants provoking allergic reactions and to check the immunological status.

Laboratory tests

Main laboratory tests in case of an allergy:

  • full and biochemical blood test;
  • enzyme multiplied immunoassay (overall IgE immunoglobulin level, allergen-specific IgE for food, airborne, insect allergens);
  • ALEX test;
  • flow cytofluorometry;
  • skin testing with various allergens (prick and patch tests);
  • bacteriological test;
  • parasitological test;
  • molecular allergen-component diagnostics of food, airborne, insect allergens.

Functional diagnostics

Functional diagnostic methods help to determine the state and functioning of respiratory organs of the people with bronchial asthma. The tests include:

  • examination of external respiration using computer spirograph and specialized diagnostic programs;
  • a test to reveal a hidden bronchospasm (functional tests with bronchial spasmolytics and physical exercise).

The main method of bronchial asthma diagnostics is a spirogram. It helps to measure volume and force of the air inhaled by a person with suspected bronchial asthma. The tests are required to determine the treatment strategy and to reduce the severity of the disease.

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Allergy diagnostics

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