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Home diagnostics

Often a simple doctor’s checkup is not enough for precise determining of a diagnosis. In case of some diseases, a professional can assign laboratory or instrumental diagnostics aimed at providing a doctor with more information about the patient’s state to assign a correct treatment or to make amendments in the assigned treatment.

To order diagnostic services at home, you should call the contact center on (044; 097) 495-2-888, and our coordinator will pick a convenient time for diagnostic procedures and tell you about the necessary preparation.

Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics may be required in case of many diseases. A doctor can recommend to do laboratory tests (blood, urine, stool, discharge or saliva) both for the initial diagnostics and for the assessment of the patient’s condition over time in response of the treatment.

Dobrobut clinic chain offers laboratory tests in any area of medicine, including both clinical blood and urine analysis and specific indicators, such as cancer-specific markers, hormone panel, allergen skin tests, etc.

Sampling at home to complete the necessary diagnostic tests is convenient, first of all, for the patients with reduced mobility. A laboratory technician of Dobrobut clinic chain will arrive at a time convenient to you and will perform all the necessary manipulations in comfort.

Instrumental diagnostics

Dobrobut clinic chain offers some types of instrumental diagnostics at home for the patients with reduced mobility (for example, in a grave condition, during a recovery process after surgery or injury). You can order a visit of a professional who will perform the most common types of ultrasound diagnostics and echocardiography.

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Home diagnostics

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Doctors Home diagnostics:
14experience (y.)
Poiarkov Yevhen Serhiiovych
Somnologist, Cardiologist, Doctor of functional diagnostics, Sports medicine, Ultrasound doctor
14experience (y.)
Movchan Tetiana Oleksandrivna
Cardiologist; Ultrasound doctor
16experience (y.)
Nahimova Karina Fianisovna
Urologist; Pediatric urologist; Ultrasound doctor
19experience (y.)
Nesteruk Oksana Ivanivna
Physician; A general practitioner is a family doctor; Pediatrician
18experience (y.)
Nevodovska Tetiana Serhiivna
Endocrinologist; Ultrasound doctor
25experience (y.)
Polishchuk Larysa Hryhorivna
Ultrasound doctor
8experience (y.)
Tymoshenko (Lebid) Alina Yuriivna
Cardiologist; Doctor of functional diagnostics; Ultrasound doctor
20experience (y.)
Zelinskyi Oleh Volodymyrovych
Urologist; Ultrasound doctor