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Folliculometry is a diagnostic method that allows you to track the functioning of the ovaries in women during the menstrual cycle. Ultrasound monitoring of follicle maturation is important in pregnancy planning and infertility treatment, as it helps to determine the optimal time for conception. Folliculometry in Kyiv is performed by qualified specialists of the Dobrobut clinic using modern equipment.

Indications for folliculometry

Among the possible reasons to undergo the folliculometry procedure

  • assessment of a woman's fertility;
  • determining the timing of ovulation and monitoring the condition during its stimulation;
  • pregnancy planning;
  • analysis of ovarian function;
  • preparation for assisted reproduction methods;
  • assessment of hormonal levels;
  • detection of potential pathologies in the background of egg maturation or processes associated with ovulation;
  • the presence of pathologies, such as gonadal dysfunction, uterine hypoplasia, ovarian cysts, and endometrial abnormalities;
  • tracking the dynamics of the prescribed therapy.

Folliculometry has a number of advantages. You get reliable results due to the high accuracy of follicle visualization and the expert opinion of an experienced gynecologist. In particular, the specialist forms an individual monitoring schedule taking into account the characteristics of each individual patient. In addition, the cost of folliculometry in Kyiv is affordable.

Contraindications for folliculometry

Folliculometry has no restrictions or contraindications. If necessary, the diagnostics can be repeated several times in a row. The price of folliculometry depends on the number of visits required to collect complete diagnostic information.

However, it should be remembered that routine consultations and examinations are not performed against the background of acute diseases or conditions, such as heavy bleeding from the genital tract, severe pain in the lower abdomen, fever, suspected ectopic pregnancy. In such cases, you should immediately call an ambulance.

What are the methods of folliculometry?

is an ultrasound examination that is performed in two ways in the Dobrobut clinic: transvaginally and transabdominally. The first method is used more often because it shows accurate results, is absolutely safe and painless. The price for folliculometry in Kyiv is indicated in the current price list on the clinic's website.

Folliculometry: preparation for the procedure

No special preparation for folliculometry is required. Only a few points should be taken into account:

  1. Transabdominal examination is performed with a full bladder, and transvaginal examination is performed with an empty bladder.
  2. The procedure is preferably performed on an empty stomach.
  3. To get accurate results, the doctor needs to know the exact day of your cycle.

Stages of folliculometry

Usually, folliculometry is performed in several stages during one menstrual cycle: at the beginning, middle, and end. In some cases, the first procedure is performed on the 3-5th day after the onset of menstruation, the second - in 5-7 days and then repeated every 1-2 days until ovulation or menstruation.

Ultrasound monitoring allows you to determine the number of antral follicles (2-8 mm in diameter) at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. The norm for folliculometry is that a woman of reproductive age has at least 6 follicles in each ovary.

Folliculometry as part of postpartum rehabilitation

Women's recovery after childbirth requires consultations with specialists in various fields: gynecologist, mammologist, phlebologist, vascular surgeon, nutritionist, etc. The rehabilitation process also includes tests and diagnostic examinations, including folliculometry. The price of folliculometry includes recommendations from the gynecologist who performs the procedure. Based on the results obtained, he will be able to identify disorders in the patient's body and advise on the best ways to eliminate them.

Are you interested in folliculometry in Kyiv? Make an appointment for the procedure at the Dobrobut clinic by calling (067) 130-2-523 or (050) 020-4-299. You can also click on the button in the upper right corner of our website and request a call. We will call you back as soon as possible and provide any information about the procedure, including the price of folliculometry.

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