Martynenko Anton Oleksandrovych

Martynenko Anton Oleksandrovych

Dentist-orthopedist; Dentist-therapist
14experience (y.)

The Doctor provides the following services:

Consultation of a dentist
1090 uah
Consultation with a dentist with the preparation of a treatment plan.
1430 uah
Tooth restoration using a template
5230 uah
Primary endodontic treatment of the molar (mechanical and drug treatment of canals, filling with hot gutta-percha)
9570 uah
Removable denture repair
1580 uah
Occlusion record
370 uah
Registration of the position of the upper jaw using the facial arc
860 uah
Sanding mouthguard
380 uah
Spot-film radiography(radiovisiograph)
200 uah
Occlusal rim
2420 uah
Restoration polishing (1 tooth)
530 uah
Repeated endodontic treatment of an incisor, canine, premolar (canal unsealing, mechanical and medical treatment of canals, hot gutta-percha filling)
9540 uah
Repeated endodontic treatment of the molar (canal unsealing, mechanical and medical treatment of canals, hot gutta-percha filling)
12530 uah
Complete removable prosthesis using BPS technology
42650 uah
Complete laminar denture (1 jaw)
9260 uah
Root canal filling with temporary material
1100 uah
Tooth filling after endodontic treatment
1740 uah
Filling with hot gutta-percha canals of the incisor, canine, premolar
2730 uah
Filling of molar canals with hot gutta-percha
4550 uah
Relocation of the base denture
2130 uah
Primary endodontic treatment of an incisor, canine, premolar (mechanical and medical treatment of canals, filling with hot gutta-percha)
6680 uah
Removable partial denture with plastic base
8530 uah
Fixation of the central ratio of the jaws
850 uah
Removable elastic partial denture
12090 uah
Digital modeling (1 tooth)
1430 uah
Adhesive retention on the glass ionomer cement
570 uah
Recementing a crown on the implant
940 uah
Adhesive retention of metal-free construcrion
940 uah
Photopolymer seal, restoration of the 1st degree of complexity
1510 uah
Photopolymer seal, IV degree of complexity restoration
4790 uah
Photopolymer seal, restoration of III degree of complexity
2990 uah
Photopolymer seal, restoration of the II degree of complexity
2240 uah
Unsealing of the canals of the molar
2960 uah
Retention of a fiber post
1510 uah
Ultra thin / milled veneer
19900 uah
Temporary cementing of a crown
300 uah
Temporary filling
450 uah
Temporary plastic crown «Protemp»
860 uah
Temporary crown СAD-CAM
2130 uah
Temporary crown on the implant
2560 uah
Splint therapy
30000 uah
Filling of canals of incisor, canine, premolar
2860 uah
Removal of fiberglass, anchor pin
2240 uah
Vital Pulp Therapy
970 uah
Alginate impression (one jaw)
420 uah
Restoration of a crown part of tooth for endodontic treatment
1060 uah
Replica C-silicon(1 jaw)
510 uah
Replica A-silicon(1 jaw)
940 uah
Highly aesthetic ultra-thin veneer
23550 uah
Removing the pin tab
2130 uah
Removing the instrument from the root canal
2240 uah
Determination of the central ratio of the jaws
1290 uah
Acetabular inlay (with POM, BioHpp ceramic pressing)
4540 uah
Removal of permanent filling(with doctor's prescription)
390 uah
Making an individual mouthpiece for whitening (one jaw)
1600 uah
Production of individual modified abutment (mesostructure)
5180 uah
Clasp prosthesis (clamer fixation)
18480 uah
Clasp prosthesis (locking fixation)
25590 uah
Nonmetallic porcelain crown on the implant
16500 uah
Anesthesia in dentistry
435 uah
Analysis of diagnostic models in articulator
2560 uah
Immediate removable prosthesis
3850 uah
Temporomandibular Joint Splint (Single Jaw)
8900 uah
Emergency treatment (anesthesia, coferdam, build up, treatment bandage, temporary filling)
2400 uah
Mechanical and medical treatment of incisor, canine, premolar canals
3960 uah
Mechanical and medical treatment of molar canals
5020 uah
Porcelain fused metal crown on the implant
7540 uah
Porcelain fused metal crown on the implant
6990 uah
Control and diagnostic models (CDM) laboratory manufacturing method
1110 uah
Dentist consultation(follow-up examination)
560 uah
Computer anesthesia "STA"
815 uah
Porcelain venner; crown; dental build up EMAX(cercon)
15000 uah
Application of kofferdam, OptraGate
300 uah
Introoral scan (one jaw)
1200 uah
Individual mouth spoon
1430 uah
Removal of tooth crown(1pc)
710 uah
Closing of a dental canal apex or MTA perforation
2990 uah
Personal safety provision
100 uah
Printing 3D models
1260 uah
Secondary medical treatment of root canals
1160 uah
Wax denture frame (1 tooth)
1360 uah
CoCr alloy-based inlay
2000 uah
Information about the doctor Martynenko Anton Oleksandrovych

Work experience: 14 years

Category: First


  • 2005-2010: Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, Faculty of Dentistry

Membership in associations, societies; attending conferences, thematic improvement courses:

  • course "Basic course. Implantology";
  • course "Complications of implant treatment";
  • course "Technique of anatomical stratification by Professor Lorenzo Vanini";
  • course "Ergonomics at the dental appointment";
  • Practical Endodontics training program;
  • course "Restoration of decayed anterior teeth";
  • seminar "Endodontics by the book";
  • event "Anesthesia in dentistry - routine and overkill".

Areas of professional development:

  • studying professional medical literature, taking courses, participating in conferences, sharing experience with colleagues, learning on online platforms, and participating in practical events.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • therapeutic dentistry;
  • prosthetic dentistry.

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • "As a doctor, I believe that having in-depth knowledge of each related discipline, one can better understand what path to build for their patients and what the end result of this path is. So, dentistry, although my main specialization, is not the only area where I focus my professional interest."

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • "I am engaged in photo and video shooting, WEB-development, SMM, as well as the development and production of printed circuit boards for electronic devices. In addition, I develop business in the medical field, study marketing and psychology. My favorite books include "Atomic Habits" by James Clear, Make the Bed by William H. McRaven, The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, A Year in the Life by Stephen Manchester, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, and The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. As for movies, one of my favorites is Youth by Paolo Sorrentino."

Doctor's advice:

  • "Taking care of your teeth is an important part of your daily ritual that helps maintain the health and beauty of your smile. Brushing your teeth thoroughly every day is as important as washing your hands before eating. This process helps to avoid tooth decay, periodontal disease and other problems, providing you with a bright and healthy smile!"

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