Konyk Maryna Oleksandrivna

Konyk Maryna Oleksandrivna

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The Doctor provides the following services:

Consultation by neuropathist
1140 uah
Consultation of a narrow profile specialist home/hotel/office visit, outside Kyiv (within 30 km)
2680 uah
Consultation of a narrow profile specialist home/hotel/office visit, Kyiv
2230 uah
Nasogastric (gastric) probing
440 uah
Sublysional administration of drugs (blockade)
720 uah
Information about the doctor Konyk Maryna Oleksandrivna

Work experience: 3 years


  • Bogomolets National Medical University, specialty "General Medicine";
  • P.L. Shupyk National University of Health of Ukraine, internship in Neurology

Membership in associations, societies; attending conferences, thematic improvement courses:

  • since 2023, a member of the Ukrainian Society of Stroke Medicine.

Areas of professional development:

  • continuous monitoring and implementation of evidence-based treatments for neurological diseases;
  • regular participation in international conferences on vascular diseases and diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • acute and chronic disorders of cerebral and spinal circulation;
  • acute and chronic diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
  • degenerative and dystrophic diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • disorders of the vestibular system;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • migraine, vascular headache, tension headache;
  • patients after traumatic brain injury, meningitis, encephalitis, stroke;
  • anxiety and depressive behavioral disorders and sleep disorders.

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • rehabilitation
  • psychology;
  • endovascular treatment methods;
  • interventional neurology.

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • "My hobbies include sports, traveling and walking in nature."

Doctor's advice:

  • "Early diagnosis of the disease is the key to successful treatment. Do not delay your visit to the doctor if you have any doubts or questions about your health."

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Konyk Maryna Oleksandrivna

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