Makoviichuk Nadiia Ivanivna

30experience (y.)

Makoviichuk Nadiia Ivanivna Doctor takes in clinic

The doctor provides the following services:

Consultation by ophthalmologist with the estimation of ophthalmotonous pressure and autorefractometry
1120 uah
Culture + antibiogram of material from the eye
440 uah
Removal of foreign body from conjunctival sac cavity
520 uah
Selection of contact lenses
330 uah
Selection of common eyeglasses
390 uah

Information about the doctor Makoviichuk Nadiia Ivanivna

Work experience: 31 years

Category: Higher


  • Odessa Medical Institute named after Pirogov

Areas of professional development:

  • 1995-1997: clinical residency at the Department of Ophthalmology, Shupik Medical Center (Eye Microsurgery Center);
  • thematic improvement: "Eye Microsurgery", "Eye Microsurgery with methods of artificial lens implantation and phacoemulsification", "Vitreoretinal Surgery", "Optometry and contact correction";
  • 2006: internship in ophthalmology;
  • PAC in the specialty "Ophthalmology".

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • diagnosis of ophthalmic diseases, treatment of acute and chronic ophthalmic pathology;
  • outpatient eye and appendage surgery, optometry and contact correction.

Patient reviews of Makoviichuk Nadiia Ivanivna

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