Tymoshenko (Lebid) Alina Yuriivna

Tymoshenko (Lebid) Alina Yuriivna

Cardiologist; Doctor of functional diagnostics; Ultrasound doctor
8experience (y.)
The Doctor Doctor takes in clinic
Nearest pickup time: 25.06.2024 16:00

The Doctor provides the following services:

Consultation by cardiologist
1140 uah
Duplex scanning of intracranial vessels
1020 uah
Duplex scanning of neck vessels
1020 uah
1310 uah
Ultrasound of kidneys
780 uah
Ultrasonography of thyroid
780 uah
Standard electrocardiography in 12 leads with interpretation
460 uah
Functional stress test (treadmill test)
1730 uah
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Tymoshenko (Lebid) Alina Yuriivna

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