Cheipesh Yevheniia Ivanivna

Dermatovenereologist; Pediatric dermatovenereologist
23experience (y.)
child doctor

The doctor provides the following services:

Consultation by dermatovenerologist
1090   uah
Paediatric dermatologist consultation
1090   uah
Test for demodex with sampling
270   uah
Clinical urine analysis (test strip)
60   uah
Bacterial examination for candidiasis
440   uah
Bacteriological culture + antibioticogram from the wound
490   uah
Preanalytical stage in biological material study
60   uah
Cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy apparatus Cryo Pro) * cryodestruction of benign skin neoplasms - from 1 to 5 elements
715   uah
Microscopy of scales of skin, hair, nails, purulent discharge for presence of mycelium and hyphae
270   uah
Culture for presence of parasitic fungi
310   uah

Information about the doctor Cheipesh Yevheniia Ivanivna

Work experience: 24 years

Category: First

Membership in associations, societies; attending conferences, thematic improvement courses:

  • member of the Ukrainian Association of Dermatovenereologists and the Ukrainian Academy of Dermatovenereologists;
  • regularly takes advanced thematic training courses and pre-certification training cycles;
  • participates in annual conferences, seminars on dermatoscopy, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, chronic dermatoses, nail and hair diseases, acne, vascular abnormalities and others on Medical Knowledge Hub / Dermatology platforms.

Areas of professional development:

  • in 2000 she received a certificate of a dermatovenereologist at the Department of Dermatovenereology of the Kyiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after. P.L. Shupyk;
  • experience as a doctor in the emergency and inpatient departments of the Kyiv City Dermatovenerological Hospital and as a dermatovenereologist at the Boris Medical Center.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • diagnosis and treatment of skin, nail and hair diseases;
  • diagnosis of skin tumors.

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • "I am interested in the clinical areas closely related to dermatovenereology, such as allergology, pediatrics, gastroenterology and endocrinology."

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • My favorite book is by M. Bulgakov. I love historical films."Master and Margarita"I love to travel.

Patient reviews of Cheipesh Yevheniia Ivanivna

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Спасибо за прием и назначенное лечение. Доктор внимательная и доброжелательная. Рекомендую

– Елена31.03.2021
Олено, дякуємо Вам за відгук і рекомендацію лікаря.З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування.
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