Intrauterine insemination program

Intrauterine insemination program

ART treatment program, which includes:

  • Preparation of sperm for insemination and intrauterine sperm, if necessary with repetition in the cycle (up to 2 times) or (according to the indications) thawing and preparation of donor sperm with subsequent intrauterine injection (1 sperm dose at an additional cost according to the price);
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy after ART programs (blood test for HG - chorionic gonadotropin and ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy up to 8 weeks).

Service duration: up to 2 months.

Who performs: obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive specialist, biologist, an anesthesiologist.

Age restrictions: the service is provided to women of reproductive age (18-53 years).

Services included in the package:

Package price:
Intrauterine insemination program
9240 uah

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