Infertility treatment

Infertility is considered the inability of a couple to have a child for 1 year - subject to regular sex life without contraception. This problem is more common than it seems at first glance: every fifth couple is faced with a diagnosis of infertility. And, according to statistics, it continues to progress: every year, 2 million couples are added to the number of infertile couples. However, contrary to popular belief, this disease is quite curable if you consult a specialist on time.

You should not treat infertility with folk remedies - self-medication can only harm you. Contact our Fertility Clinic for infertility advice. MC "Dobrobut" is qualified and sensitive doctors, top-class medical equipment, and full compliance with European treatment protocols. Thanks to a powerful medical and diagnostic base, we successfully eliminate infertility for men and women. Leave a request - we will book you an appointment in Kyiv at any convenient time.

Types of infertility

Many reasons provoke the development of infertility: the poor state of the environment, the use of a large number of GMO products, stress, and the physiology of a particular patient. These and other adverse factors are equally problematic for both men and women.

It is generally accepted that infertility is a predominantly female problem, but statistics say otherwise. Among all couples who apply to reproductive centers, in 52-53% of cases, the cause of infertility is the female factor, and in 47-48% - the malefactor. As you can see, the difference is negligible.

In addition to male and female, there is also combined infertility - when both spouses have reproductive problems. Therefore, it is better to start the examination immediately with the spouse to eliminate errors in the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of infertility.

Also, this disease has the following forms:

  1. Primary. That is, not a single attempt to get pregnant has been successful.
  2. Secondary. This form of infertility is set if a pregnancy has already occurred or the couple already has a child, but it is not possible to have a second one for 12 months or more when a woman is under 35 years old or for 6 months when a woman is over 35 years old.

The nature of the disease also affects the subsequent treatment of male and female infertility.

Features of the diagnosis of infertility

Fertility counseling always begins with a survey. The specialist will carefully listen to your problem, and also find out what diseases (including infectious diseases) you have had. We emphasize if a couple comes together at the first intake, this increases the effectiveness of future research.

After collecting anamnesis, an initial examination, and laboratory, functional diagnostics follow:

  • ultrasound examination (ultrasound) of the pelvic organs;
  • blood test: clinical, biochemical;
  • hormonal screening;
  • oncocytology from the cervix and smears for STIs;
  • spermogram;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • Ultrasound of internal organs, mammary glands, and thyroid gland.

Depending on the characteristics of the patient's history, the specialist may prescribe additional studies, the cost of which is not included in the consultation. But in any case, the doctors of the MC Dobrobut clinic follow the international medical regulations 100%.

Fertility treatment after diagnosis

Based on the results of the research based on our clinic, the doctor will draw up an individual treatment program for you. In women and men, infertility treatment is possible according to 4 scenarios:

  1. Conservative. It is used for disorders of the endocrine system. This helps to restore hormones and the menstrual cycle, which in most cases is already sufficient for the treatment of female infertility.
  2. Surgical. It is necessary if infertility has arisen against the background of PCOD (polycystic ovary disease), endometriosis, endometrial polyps, and other neoplasms. Removal of pathological tissues does not require significant intervention - usually, the treatment is carried out by the endoscopic method (hystero- or laparoscopy).
  3. Artificial insemination. This is the procedure for introducing prepared sperm into the uterus. It is an effective treatment for male and female infertility. At the same time, the date of the procedure is specially calculated for the period of the alleged supposed ovulation.
  4. ECO. Medication stimulation of ovulation is performed, followed by transvaginal puncture of the follicles to obtain several eggs. After fertilization with sperm, a stage of cultivation follows until a certain stage of embryo development (usually 5-6 days), followed by implantation into the uterine cavity. Before embryos are transferred into the uterine cavity, it is possible to carry out genetic testing to exclude chromosomal abnormalities.
  5. It is possible to combine methods to achieve the most effective result. These and other nuances are coordinated individually.

How to sign up for fertility treatment in Kyiv

Leave an online application on the website - the manager will call you back to make an appointment. We strive to create the most comfortable conditions for each patient.

The Dobrobut reproductive clinic offers efficiency in laboratory research, treatment of female and male infertility using the most effective methods, as well as affordable prices for medical services.


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