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Ingrown toenail treatment

Non-surgical treatment of ingrown nails

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Treatment of an ingrown nail, I degree1000 uah
Surgery in case of ingrown nail1620 uah
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Ingrown toenail treatment

Onychocryptosis, or an ingrown toenail, is a common problem that is not immediately apparent. However, when inflammation begins, pus appears, and it becomes painful to walk or simply put on shoes, the problem must be addressed as soon as possible.

If it is possible to identify the ingrown nail at the very beginning, treatment can be completed in two to three weeks. But often, patients seek help when they have severe symptoms and find it difficult to endure pain. In this situation, treatment can last several months, sometimes up to two years.

Signs of an ingrown toenail

Even before the onset of pain, you can see changes in the place where the corner of the nail touches the skin of the finger, the nail roller. The nail roller may be enlarged, and the edge of the nail may be submerged in it. Over time, inflammation develops here, which is manifested by redness and pain. Inflammation can lead to suppuration, after which the pain becomes very severe and is not limited to the affected finger.

Nail plate growth can occur not only in the forward direction, but often the nail curls under the skin. This is what causes such a pronounced pain syndrome and sometimes a long treatment period. It takes time to "teach" the nail to grow properly.

Causes of nail ingrowth:


  • cutting the nail too deeply, rounding it on the side of the roller
  • growth of very long nails
  • frequent wearing of narrow shoes
  • increased load on the legs
  • flat feet
  • increased sweating of the feet
  • nail injury
  • infection of the nail or nail roller, nail or skin fungus

Treatment of ingrown toenail in Dobrobut

A Dobrobut podiatrist will carefully examine the lesion and take the necessary steps to reduce pain. Then a decision will be made on the treatment plan according to the current situation. In any case, we will take care not only of pain relief, but also of correcting the situation in general: giving an aesthetic appearance to the nail and finger, preventing the nail edge from re-incision into the roller.

The following methods can be used for this purpose:

Lateral roller tamponade

The doctor places a special material, capoline, between the nail roller and the nail, thus achieving cushioning and preventing further skin injury. This method is effective at the beginning of the nail ingrowth process, as well as for prevention.

Correction of the contour edge

The podiatrist treats the affected area of the skin with anti-inflammatory drugs and corrects the line of contact between the nail and the skin. Finally, the side roller is tamponaded as described above.

Orthotics, installation of a correction system

A podologist can use a correction system to unwrap a twisted nail plate, if necessary, and lift the edge of the nail that is deeply immersed in the skin. The system relieves the pressure of the nail plate on the roller.

We adhere to strict standards in our work

Sterilization of instruments at Dobrobut is carried out according to the strictest standards, which eliminates the risk of infection transmission. In addition, many manipulations involve the use of disposable sterile products.

Our doctors are attentive and careful during their work, adhering to all sanitary standards. Modern equipment allows us to perform treatment quickly and comfortably for the patient.

Dobrobut Clinic maintains a patient's card, where you can track the course of treatment and its effectiveness. We follow standard protocols. Therefore, if necessary, another Dobrobut podiatrist can continue to treat the patient. There is no need to wait for your doctor to come back from vacation or return from training, etc. You can also change your doctor if you wish.

If you would like to find out more information about the service or make an appointment at MS Dobrobut, leave a request and our coordinator will contact you.

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Ingrown toenail treatment

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