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Surgical orthopedics and traumatology

Surgical methods are often the best decision for the treatment of injuries and congenital locomotor pathologies. It is impossible to avoid a surgical intervention in case of certain orthopedic diseases.

Children’s injuries, even those that can seem “harmless” to parents, require an urgent visit to a pediatric traumatologist. Delaying of a visit in case of an injury can result in the improper regenerative process, and much longer treatment period.

You should urgently consult an orthopedic traumatologist in the following cases:

  • a little child has fallen, and there is a tumidity, a hematoma (a bruise) on the body;
  • a child cannot step on his or her foot;
  • a child cannot take an object in his or her hand;
  • it has been longer than 24 hours after the fall on the arm, and the symptoms persist;
  • the tumidity remains even without painfulness and when the child is in the state of rest;
  • the child complains of pain in the joint(s) when moving;
  • the pain emerges during an attempt to lift something heavy, and also when the child is leaning on a foot or a hand;
  • acute and sudden pain in the neck;
  • the neck “is locked up”;
  • pain in knee and hip joints;
  • the child has not had any injuries, but cannot stand on the foot.

Pediatric orthopedic traumatologists of Dobrobut clinic chain are well experienced in surgical treatment of the following diseases and conditions of children caused by injuries:

  • Soft tissue injuries (impact injuries, strains, tendon ruptures, etc.);
  • Dislocations, incomplete dislocations, fractures of upper and lower extremities, ribs, chest, etc.;
  • Spinal and pelvic injuries.


Dobrobut clinic chain has created the perfect conditions so that our patients can obtain the accurate diagnosis within the shortest period and begin the treatment as soon as possible. Ultrasound devices of the leading global manufacturers with many functions and sensors are used for diagnostic purposes, as well as Toshiba X-ray machine with the function of the minimal X-ray exposure for children, computerized tomography scanner, MRI machine, Karl Storz arthroscopic holder, Philips C-arm rack).

Modern diagnostic techniques are available in pediatric surgical orthopedics and traumatology:

Computer-assisted and ultrasound diagnostics

Modern instrumental diagnostics allows you to quickly and painlessly detect the disease and make a correct diagnosis in the early stages. Thanks to the latest developments in the field of medical technology, modern diagnostic equipment is improved every year, and diagnostics with its help helps to confirm or refute the diagnosis effectively and safely for the patient.

  • Plantoscopy: a fast, precise and informative computer-assisted examination of the foot shape, determining of problem areas, assessment of important characteristics, etc. The examination takes 3–5 minutes, and the reading of the results requires from 10 to 20 minutes
  • Ultrasound: ultrasound diagnostics is a fast, informative and safe diagnostic technique applied in pediatric orthopedics. Using ultrasound waves, a specialist visualizes all the parts of joints and tissues, can assess their functionality, stability, etc. Ultrasound of hip joints is considered the gold standard of fast diagnostics of locomotor diseases, especially dysplasia in babies, not without reason.

Modern X-ray diagnostics and tomography

Modern methods and use of the latest equipment allow to carry out radiological diagnostics without harm to health of kids. The Dobrobut medical network uses only the latest digital devices, so the child receives meager doses of radiation. In the arsenal of "Well-being" the following methods of radiation diagnostics:

  • Radiography: a simple and fast technique based on the examination of internal organs with electromagnetic radiation. X-ray for children is prescribed in cases when other diagnostic techniques have appeared to be less informative, especially in cases of injuries of a child.
  • Computerized tomography (CT) is one of the most informative X-ray diagnostic techniques in orthopedics. CT allows to obtain the series of images and study not only shape and structure of bones and joints, but also the condition of adjacent soft tissues. The images obtained at different angles are then being processed on the computer, modeled, and a 3D reconstruction of organ, joint, etc. is created.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): the technique is identical to the computerized tomography, and the images obtained have no visual differences. However, MRI technique is based not on the use of X-rays, but on the magnetic field, and the radiation is not applied. This diagnostic technique, in contrast to others, is convenient because it is very informative and can be safely performed as many times as needed for a specific clinical situation. MRI allows to obtain a highly precise 3D image of organs, bone and soft tissues in any plane. MRI does not replace CT, and only the specialist has to decide which technique is relevant depending on the situation.

Arthroscopic diagnostics

Arthroscopic equipment allows not only to reveal but also to treat intraarticular traumas and diseases using small punctures. The equipment allows to perform the procedure applying minimally invasive technique that expedites recovery and does not leave cosmetic defects on the body (scars, adhesions).

C-arm operating rack allows to determine the precise localization of the fracture and to perform the accurate bone assembly without incisions, and also allows to determine the precise location of foreign bodies and remove them using a minimally invasive procedure


Orthopedic traumatologists of Dobrobut clinic chain perform surgical treatment of orthopedic pathologies and injuries in compliance with international treatment protocols.

Our specialists perform treatment using the metallic osteosynthesis sets of the leading manufacturers (osteosynthesis with elastic titanic shafts (No. 1 for children's fracture treatment in the world)), intramedullary blocking osteosynthesis, LCP extramedullary plates, plates with minimal contact, microplates, blocking plates for correction of deformities in children, external fixation devices, etc.

We have the following types of surgical treatment available:

  • treatment of tumor-like formations and benign skeleton bone tumors in children with the replacement of osteochondral defects with synthetic and biological materials;
  • reconstructive plastic surgery of congenital hand and foot malformations applying modern techniques;
  • treatment of limb bone fractures applying modern minimally invasive techniques and surgical hardware;
  • diseases and injuries of joints applying the minimally invasive arthroscopic technique;
  • surgical treatment of congenital and acquired diseases and deformities of extremities with the use of the latest modern techniques and materials;
  • surgeries on muscles, tendons, muscle transplantation, musculotendinous plastic reconstruction in case of ICP, spastic and flaccid paralyzes, CNS diseases;
  • minimally invasive surgical treatment of flat foot (subtalar arthroereisis);
  • microsurgeries with the use of a special microscope for hand injuries and diseases.

Advantages of treatment at Dobrobut clinic chain

  • Multidimensional approach to diagnostics and treatment is a guarantee of the quick and positive result
  • Multidisciplinary approach: the team of doctors with various specialties will treat your child
  • Considerable practical experience of the doctors in the area of treatment of locomotor system problems
  • 24-hour-a-day work. The contact center informs and records patients 24/7

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Surgical orthopedics and traumatology

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