Skobenko Yevheniy Aleksandrovich

Skobenko Yevheniy Aleksandrovich

18experience (y.)
The Doctor Doctor takes in clinic:
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The Doctor provides the following services:

Adult consultation by orthopaedic surgeon, expert of the sector in the clinic
1560 uah
Follow-up consultation by traumatologist, expert of the sector (on the results of radiological study within 2 days)
1260 uah
Application of plaster (polymeric) dressing of the 1st category
770 uah
Cytological examination of punctate cystic formations
480 uah
Joint puncture
790 uah
Haematoma puncture
720 uah
Suturation (no more than 5 items)
700 uah
Suturation (1 item)
410 uah
Application of retentive dressing (dressing cost excluded)
480 uah
Application of small plaster splints (splints cost excluded)
610 uah
Cosmetic stitch overlap (1 cm)
320 uah
Application of corrective plaster dressing
1210 uah
Application of plaster (polymeric) dressing of the 3rd category
1390 uah
Application of plaster (polymeric) dressing of the 2nd category
1040 uah
Application of large plaster splints (splints cost excluded)
1020 uah
Removal of small plaster bandage
470 uah
Removal of large plaster bandage
880 uah
Removal of Scotchcast bandage
940 uah
Histological examination after bone resection for arthropathy
1150 uah
Intra-articular application of medications (medications cost excluded)
570 uah
Arthroscopy of the 4th category of difficulty
31670 uah
Arthroscopy of the 3rd category of difficulty
26710 uah
Arthroscopy of the 2nd category of difficulty
22040 uah
Arthroscopy of the 1st category of difficulty
17340 uah
Removal of sutures
470 uah
General bandage (simple, complicated)
530 uah
Local anaesthesia
550 uah
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Category: Higher

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Skobenko Yevheniy Aleksandrovich

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