Musin Kostiantyn Vilenovych

Musin Kostiantyn Vilenovych

Pediatric orthopedist-traumatologist
23experience (y.)
child doctor

The Doctor provides the following services:

Follow-up consultation by ENT traumatologist (on the results of radiological study within 2 days)
920 uah
Paediatric orthopaedic surgeon consultation
1140 uah
200 uah
Haematoma puncture
720 uah
Initial surgical debridement
1740 uah
Suturation (no more than 5 items)
700 uah
Application of retentive dressing (dressing cost excluded)
480 uah
Application of small plaster splints (splints cost excluded)
610 uah
Cosmetic stitch overlap (1 cm)
320 uah
Application of corrective plaster dressing
1210 uah
Application of plaster (polymeric) dressing of the 3rd category
1390 uah
Application of plaster (polymeric) dressing of the 2nd category
1040 uah
Application of plaster (polymeric) dressing of the 1st category
770 uah
Application of large plaster splints (splints cost excluded)
1020 uah
Application of Scotchcast or Softcast bandage (dressing) (bandage cost excluded)
1180 uah
Correction of plaster, scoth/softcast, turbocast dressing
530 uah
Injection in paraarticular structures (medications cost excluded)
480 uah
Removal of large plaster bandage
880 uah
Joint puncture
790 uah
Intra-articular application of medications (medications cost excluded)
570 uah
Manipulation of major joint dislocations
1180 uah
Manipulation of hand and foot joint dislocations
1110 uah
Closed reduction of fragments of large bones
1390 uah
Closed reduction of fragments of ossicles
950 uah
Closed reduction of fragments, metallic osteosynthesis with Kirschner wires, Ilizarov wires
2680 uah
Removal of Scotchcast bandage
940 uah
Removal of small plaster bandage
470 uah
Immobilization with bandage by Desault type (bandage cost excluded)
550 uah
Immobilization with Delbet-type recliners (recliner cost excluded)
950 uah
Immobilization with Schanz cervical collar (collar cost excluded)
480 uah
Immobilization with scarf bandage (bandage cost excluded)
460 uah
Immobilization with removable joint-immobilizer, foot orthoses, bandage splint (not including the cost of the product)
610 uah
Immobilization with phalangeal splint (splint cost excluded)
510 uah
Consultation of a pediatric orthopedic traumatologist in the Emergency department
1470 uah
General bandage (simple, complicated)
530 uah
Local anaesthesia
550 uah
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Category: Higher

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Musin Kostiantyn Vilenovych

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