«Teenager» Program

For children (0 - 17)

The preventive examination program «Teen-age Check-up»

Good health of a teenager is the key to successful schooling and full perception of the world around. In fact, there are so many new and difficult things ahead: taking exams, entrance tests and transition to the adult, serious life.

Medical problems arising with the growth and moving into adulthood of your child may be associated with a number of factors: lifestyle, leisure activity organization, nutrition, studies, environmental situation, and innate constitutional peculiarities of a teenager organism. Not always the risk factors can be controlled by parents, no matter how attentive and caring a mom and dad may be. Therefore, it is very important to timely identify the problem and prevent the development of chronic processes in the body of the child. The doctors of the "Dobrobut" Child's Clinic are ready to help with it to all comers.

In preparation of the program the standards of Ministry of Health of Ukraine have been met.
The preventive examination is held during 2 days.

Adolescent Check-up

Day one

1 Paediatrician consultation

Explanation of program and program passing procedure;

Settlement the issue concerning expediency of carrying out the X-ray radiography of thoracic organs (this examination is not included to the price).
Laboratory examination
1 Clinical blood analysis
2 Clinical urine analysis
3 Faecal analysis for helminth eggs
4 Helicobacter Pylori test (bacterium which affect different parts of stomach and duodenum)
5 Blood group and Rh factor test
6 Blood biochemical measurement (ASТ, ALT, albumins, total protein, blood urea nitrogen, total and direct bilirubin, ASLO, CRP)
7 Provision of the pre-analytical stage in the study of biomaterial
Instrumental examination
1 Echocardiogram
2 Abdominal cavity organs and kidneys ultrasound investigation
3 Thyroid body ultrasound

Day two

Medical advise
1 Ophthalmologist
2 Otolaryngologist
3 Neurologist
4 Gynaecologist/urologist
5 Cardiologist (consultation with electrocardiogram and Shalkov test)



2 optional consultations (depending on necessity or educational institution requirements) Orthopaedist with plantography, endocrinologist, surgeon, dermatologist, psychologist
8 Paediatrician Final consultation

Consultations of other specialists are held when necessary and are paid separately.

Examinations are carried out on the basis of the own clinical laboratory with the modern equipment and latest diagnosis technologies.

More information about the program can be obtained by calling the contact center (044) 495 2888.

Package price:
«Teenager» Program
14650 uah
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from 8020 uah
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