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Pediatric dermatovenerology

Consultation of a pediatric dermatologist

The child's skin is a kind of "indicator" of health. The condition of the skin can indicate a violation of the organs or systems, so it is very important to monitor the appearance of elements of the rash, skin discoloration, and do not self-medicate, and immediately consult a specialist.

Pediatric dermatologist - a doctor who diagnoses and treats diseases of the skin, hair, nails, and visible mucous membranes in children. The structure of the child's skin is looser, so it can easily become a gateway for fungal, viral, bacterial infections. Since the immune system of babies is still imperfect, and the external environment is already in contact with the skin, children often suffer from various skin diseases. At each stage of a child's growth, certain reasons for consulting a pediatric dermatologist prevail. The most common problems in infancy - diaper dermatitis, nausea, diarrhea, vesiculopustulosis. Dermatoses, various parasitic and infectious pathologies (microsporia, pediculosis, herpes, scabies, etc.) are quite common in early and preschool age. Boils, folliculitis, acne, psoriasis, onychomycosis, dandruff are common in school and adolescence.

The loss of time to try to cure a child's skin disease on their own, with the help of improvised means, often leads to undesirable consequences - the symptoms worsen, the complexity and cost of treatment of the disease increase. The right solution in such a situation would be a timely appointment for a consultation with a pediatric dermatologist in the network of medical clinics "Dobrobut" in Kyiv. Our doctors are the best specialists in Ukraine in the field of dermatology. By contacting Dobrobut, you are guaranteed to get a solution to your baby's health problems, prompt service, quality service, professionalism, a pleasant atmosphere, and affordable prices.

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What diseases does a pediatric dermatologist treat?

The most common pathologies faced by a pediatric dermatologist are:

  • skin diseases of newborns and infants (seborrheic dermatitis, diaper dermatitis, vesiculitis, pediatric eczema);
  • skin pathologies of infectious nature (microsporia, herpes, papillomas, impetigo, most types of herpes, scabies);
  • inflammatory skin diseases that have an allergic nature (allergic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, urticaria);
  • diseases caused by skin pigmentation disorders (vitiligo);
  • inflammatory skin diseases of non-infectious nature (eczema, herpes zoster, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, erythema);
  • skin neoplasms (lipomas, fibroids, keratomas), malignant skin pathologies;
  • seborrhea, acne;
  • hair diseases: focal or diffuse hair loss (alopecia) and hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth in atypical places for the child);
  • pediculosis.

When should you see a pediatric dermatologist?

Scheduled consultation with a pediatric dermatologist should be held annually. Unscheduled, you should consult a specialist if you have the following symptoms:

  • the appearance of red spots on the skin;
  • rash in the form of small dots, bubbles, nodules, blisters;
  • acne or abscesses;
  • ulcers on the skin;
  • redness, itching, and peeling of the skin;
  • the appearance of new or intensive growth of existing moles;
  • dandruff, peeling of the scalp;
  • hair loss, local or general;
  • changes in the shape, color, structure of the nails.

How does a pediatric dermatologist consult?

During the first visit, the dermatologist collects a detailed history, interviews parents or children, clarifies the characteristics of the patient's lifestyle, the nature of his diet, the presence of diseases, dermatological problems in relatives. The doctor then conducts a thorough examination of the child's entire body, paying special attention to the affected areas. Dermatological dandruff can be used for examination, which is necessary to assess the nature of the rash. Next, the changed elements are scraped for microscopic and bacteriological examination, to detect infectious diseases and determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibacterial or antifungal drugs. If you need to examine moles or small elements of the rash, resort to digital dermatoscopy. Laboratory tests may also be prescribed to confirm the diagnosis.


Based on the examination, the pediatric dermatologist develops the most effective treatment tactics, based on the individual characteristics of the patient, his age, the complexity of each case. The main method of treatment of dermatological diseases is conservative therapy. As a rule, medications are prescribed by course, orally or topically, in the form of ointments / gels / creams, etc. Sometimes physiotherapy procedures are prescribed. The need for surgical treatment is rare.

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Choosing the MC Dobrobut network, you and your child will receive high-quality and timely diagnosis and a guarantee of compliance with the high standards of treatment of skin, nails and hair diseases. You will have individual approach and comfortable conditions when undergoing diagnostics and treatment in one of the best private health facilities in Ukraine.


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Pediatric dermatovenerology

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