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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Beauty and a healthy appearance of teeth are important components of a person's appearance that affect his self-esteem and quality of life. Today, a beautiful white smile is no less important than well-groomed hair and good skin. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to maintain the beauty of their teeth throughout their lives: injuries, food coloring, smoking - all this negatively affects their condition. Aesthetic dentistry comes to the rescue here. While traditional dentistry deals with hygiene, prevention, and diagnosis of oral diseases, aesthetic dentistry aims to improve the appearance of teeth and gums. It makes it possible to correct almost everything: from minor flaws in the smile, ending with strong color changes, eliminating gaps between teeth, prosthetics for lost teeth, alignment of curvature, and more. New materials and techniques used in the Dobrobut Dental Clinic's aesthetic dentistry center make it possible to recreate teeth that are indistinguishable from natural ones in almost any situation.

Dobrobut Dental Clinic in Kyiv - modern aesthetic dentistry clinic, which has in its arsenal a wide range of services. Our specialists will help to solve aesthetic problems of any level of complexity and forget about all the defects of the dentition once and for all! Quality dental materials, modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, a clear understanding of individual customer needs, European-level service, loyal prices, and cost of services - these are the characteristics that distinguish Dobrobut Dental Clinics among hundreds of other clinics of aesthetic dentistry in Ukraine.

What problems does aesthetic dentistry deal with?

In our clinic of aesthetic dentistry you can quickly and painlessly:

  • eliminate darkening and stains on tooth enamel (with fluorosis and other pathologies caused by smoking, drinking coffee, tea, and other coloring drinks, products);
  • align the crooked teeth relative to the rest in a row;
  • eliminate interdental spaces;
  • change the length, width, and shape of the teeth;
  • increase chips or eliminate cracks;
  • replace old seals with new composite materials;
  • completely restore damaged teeth while preserving their roots;
  • install veneers or luminaires;
  • to carry out grinding and polishing of teeth.

Basic procedures of aesthetic dentistry:

1. Teeth whitening.

In our centers for aesthetic dentistry, we use several types of teeth whitening, depending on the needs of patients, budget, and condition of the oral cavity. For sensitive teeth, we will use gentle techniques, and for severely darkened - a more effective set of procedures. We use:

  • Zoom-bleaching with acid-free gel, which allows you to change the color by 8-12 shades.
  • Air-flow is a method of cleaning with the help of an apparatus and an air-water-powder mixture.
  • Laser bleaching - under the action of laser radiation is the destruction of pigments and lightening of the enamel by several tones.
  • Photobleaching - provides oxidation of tooth enamel pigments with the help of halogen lamplight.
  • Artistic restoration is a set of measures aimed at restoring a damaged or pathologically altered tooth.

Performed in the following technologies:

  • The direct method of composite materials. Usually used for minor damage, chips, cracks. Performed in one step. For restoration, translucent photopolymers are used, which are applied in layers to the tooth surface and illuminated with a special lamp.
  • Indirect method - involves the restoration of front teeth with veneers, luminaires, crowns, dental inlays. This technique will require several visits to the dentist, as it will take some time to make a prosthesis. First, the specialist conducts professional teeth cleaning, selects the shade of the material. Then he prepares the oral cavity: he grinds the tooth, takes impressions from the dentition, which are sent to the dental laboratory, and puts on a temporary prosthesis. When the permanent design is ready, the dentist invites the patient to the installation. The temporary prosthesis is removed, the permanent one is fixed with the help of special cement, which ensures full adhesion of the material to the tooth tissues. To achieve maximum comfort, the finished prosthesis is ground and polished.
  • Based on implants. In the absence of one or more dental units, an implant is placed, on which an abutment and a crown or bridge are installed after successful osseointegration.

2. Gingivoplasty - correction of the contour of the gum.

Shown if you have an uneven, asymmetrical gingival margin, too high or too low gums. Although this procedure is related to aesthetic dentistry, this operation is also performedon patients suffering from periodontitis. Contour treatment of the gums is to perform under local anesthesia to remove tissue from the gums or add tissue to the gums, depending on the desired result. The recovery period lasts at least a few days but can be extended to two weeks. The procedure is often combined with other dental procedures, such as the installation of veneers, dental prosthetics, teeth whitening.

3. Aligning teeth - involves the use of removable and non-removable orthodontic structures to correct the bite.

In solving these problems, aesthetic dentistry works closely with orthodontists and helps to properly position the teeth, correct the line, deploy individual units, remove interdental spaces. Brace systems and liners often become assistants in this matter.

Residents of large cities are worth their weight in gold every minute. Therefore, in order not to waste time - contact the specialists of the Center for Aesthetic Dentistry now! To make an appointment or clarify all your questions: services, cost, terms, conditions, prices, etc. - call the numbers of our call center at any time convenient for you.


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Aesthetic dentistry

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  • Aesthetic dentistry
    Beauty and a healthy appearance of teeth are important components of a person's appearance that affect his self-esteem and quality of life. Today, a beautiful white smile is no less important than well-groomed hair and good skin.
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