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Temporary crown on the tooth

Prosthetics are an effective way to solve the problem of a broken or removed tooth. Creating a quality denture usually takes some time, and so that in the process of its manufacture the patient does not have any discomfort, and the smile looks aesthetically attractive - temporary crowns were invented. In addition, temporary structures have a number of other important functions:

  • help to restore normal masticatory function and maintain proper diction;
  • protect the prepared tooth from the effects of pathogenic microflora;
  • provide the formation of a beautiful gingival margin;
  • dulls the sensitivity of dental dentin and its susceptibility to temperature changes and other stimuli;
  • prevent the displacement of the turned tooth and the formation of malocclusion;
  • accelerate the process of adaptation to a permanent denture.

The Dobrobut Dental Clinics in Kyiv installs temporary crowns on a tooth at a democratic cost. We use in our work only safe materials of the highest quality. In our arsenal:

  • the best dentists of Ukraine;
  • affordable prices;
  • a wide range of services.

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Types of temporary crowns

When creating temporary crowns on the tooth, materials are used that have low strength so that they can be easily removed from the tooth surface to be replaced with permanent ones, but sufficient to withstand a moderate masticatory load. In addition, it is impractical to use expensive materials, as the service life of a temporary crown usually takes up to 3 weeks. In rare cases, the period of wearing them can be extended to six months or more. Based on this, the most popular materials are:

  • acrylic composition;
  • plastic;
  • composites.

The materials reproduce different shades and colors so that the crown adapts as much as possible to the natural color of the patient's teeth. Their disadvantages can only be instability to the effects of certain food dyes, due to which the crown loses its aesthetic appearance.

Stages of installation of a temporary crown on a tooth

  1. Dentist's assessment of the condition of the oral cavity.
  2. Imprinting.
  3. Tooth preparation - turning, filling of canals, depulping, etc.
  4. Making a crown.
  5. Fixation of a temporary crown by means of temporary cement.

How are temporary crowns on a tooth created?

Temporary structures can be made using two methods: direct and indirect.

  • The direct method involves the creation of a temporary crown "directly in the dentist's office." How does this happen? To begin with, the specialist removes the impression from the dentition using a silicone mold. Next is the preparation of the tooth, namely, its preparation and creation of the stump. A temporary material used to create the crown is inserted into the silicone mold, and the prosthesis is cast in a mold. After hardening of the material, the temporary crown on the tooth is processed by occlusion, polished, and fixed on a special dental cement. The duration of this method of manufacture is not more than an hour.
  • The second - indirect method - requires more time to create, as it is carried out in a dental laboratory. Making temporary crowns by the indirect method takes up to two days. After removing the impression from the teeth, the doctor directs the technique of plaster models of the dentition, based on which the crown itself is made. In the clinic, the dentist tries on the temporary structure so that it fits well to the turned tooth, checks the bite, and installs with a cement fixative.

The price of a temporary crown depends on the method by which it is made and the material used.

Recommendations for the care of a temporary crown

Orthopedic structures, both temporary and permanent, require special care. When wearing a temporary crown on the tooth should limit the following:

  • consumption of viscous and sticky foods, as they can lead to peeling of the crown;
  • foods and beverages that can color the material of the prosthesis (wine, coffee, tea, chocolate, citrus).

After each meal, you need to rinse your mouth. For cleaning it is best to use toothbrushes with soft bristles and non-abrasive toothpaste. You can buy all the necessary materials at the pharmacies of MN Dobrobut. If you find any instability or chips (cracks), be sure to visit the dentist. The same should be done if you experience symptoms such as itching, burning, rash, or swelling of the gums - this may be an allergic reaction to the material.


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Temporary crown on the tooth

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