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Korzh Vita Ivanivna

Korzh Vita Ivanivna

12experience (y.)

The Doctor provides the following services:

Consultation with a dentist with the preparation of a treatment plan.
1430 uah
Consultation by periodentist
1200 uah
Comprehensive professional dental hygiene, removal of dental plaque and hard dental deposits (1 level of difficulty)
2210 uah
Teeth splinting (1 tooth)
740 uah
Comprehensive professional dental hygiene, removal of dental plaque and hard dental deposits (2 levels of difficulty)
2760 uah
Computer anesthesia "STA"
815 uah
Dentist consultation(follow-up examination)
560 uah
Control and diagnostic models (CDM) laboratory manufacturing method
1110 uah
A course of home whitening (taking into account 10 syringes of the drug)
19800 uah
Application of kofferdam, OptraGate
300 uah
Laser treatment of periodontal pockets / gingival mucosa (1 tooth)
990 uah
Laser treatment of periodontal pockets / gingival mucosa (1 jaw)
1820 uah
Soft tissue plastics for closing recessions in the area of ​​1 quadrant
8670 uah
Soft tissue plastics for closing recessions in the area of ​​1 tooth
3310 uah
Teeth coating with fluoride varnish / desinsetizer (1 tooth)
250 uah
Fluorlac 1 tooth coating
390 uah
Restoration polishing (1 tooth)
530 uah
Spot-film radiography(radiovisiograph)
200 uah
Professional oral hygiene
1780 uah
Professional hygiene in children using a combined method (ultrasound, air-flow, polishing)
1400 uah
Professional Whitening, 2 jaws (BEYOND II lamp)
6100 uah
Hand scaling (addition to professional hygiene 1 st.)
910 uah
Hand scaling (addition to professional hygiene 2 st.)
1200 uah
Series of periapical X-rays (6 - 10 images)
1100 uah
Ultrasoung cleaning (1 jaw)
780 uah
Hygiene lesson
640 uah
Fixation of a fixed retainer (1 jaw)
2040 uah
Photopolymer seal, restoration of III degree of complexity
2990 uah
Photopolymer seal, IV degree of complexity restoration
4790 uah
Making a removable retainer/deprogrammer (1 jaw)
2160 uah
SRP (nonsurgical debridement) of the 1st grade
9280 uah
SRP, nonsurgical debridement, 2 degree
12730 uah
SRP (nonsurgical debridement) of the 3rd grade
16160 uah
"Plasmolifting" - 1 test tube
2400 uah
Air-flow cleaning (1 jaw)
850 uah
SRP(nonsurgical debridement) in the area of 1 jaw in a case of pariodontitis od 2-3 st of complexity
7490 uah
SRP (nonsurgical debridement) for implants in the area of 1 quadrant
4490 uah
SRP with flap dissection (surgical debridement) in the area of 1 implant
2990 uah
SRP with flap rejection (open curettage) in the area of ​​1 quadrant
8980 uah
Anesthesia in dentistry
435 uah
Application anaesthesia in paediatric dentistry
140 uah
Application anaesthesia in the 1st segment periodontology
140 uah
Application / injection using hyaluronic acid
3990 uah
Comprehensive professional hygiene, removal of dental deposits with transgingival PDT treatment (without the cost of photosensitizer)
4060 uah
Making an individual mouthpiece for whitening (one jaw)
1600 uah
Use of a diode laser in dental treatment
650 uah
Replica C-silicon(1 jaw)
510 uah
Vital Pulp Therapy
970 uah
Sealing of tooth fissures
990 uah
Gingivoplasty in the area of 1 tooth
1800 uah
Personal safety provision
100 uah
Filling in of periodontal screening record
1120 uah
Removal of braces , polishing(1 jaw)
2040 uah
Removing the retainer
1580 uah
Introoral scan (one jaw)
1200 uah
Single tooth area Vector-therapy
600 uah
Supportive Vector-therapy
4960 uah
Primary Vector-therapy
7160 uah
Information about the doctor Korzh Vita Ivanivna

Work experience: 12 years


  • Shepetivka Medical School;
  • Bogomolets National Medical University

Membership in associations, societies; attending conferences, thematic improvement courses:

  • member of the Association of Periodontists of Ukraine;
  • Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology;
  • Member of the Association of Dental Hygienists of Ukraine;
  • "Diseases of the oral mucosa";
  • "Teeth whitening";
  • advanced training courses "Improvement for dentists in the specialty "Dentistry""; P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education;
  • Eastern European Conference on Dental Implantation;
  • ITOP Introductory Curaprox;
  • EMS DAY "Modern concept of maintenance therapy for periodontal and peri-implant tissue diseases";
  • EMS DAY "Guided Biofilm Therapy: a modern approach to professional oral hygiene";
  • "Hand instruments in periodontics DSPACE";
  • "Fundamentals of manual skating";
  • BLS School "Fundamentals of life support"; MM Dobrobut;
  • Webinar "Top 6 mistakes in professional oral hygiene".

Areas of professional development:

  • Doctor hygienist.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • periodontics;
  • computer diagnostics of teeth and periodontal tissues "Florida Probe", "Pa-On";
  • professional oral hygiene, teeth cleaning: removal of soft and hard dental plaque using ultrasonic and manual scaling, removal of soft and pigmented plaque using the AIR-FLOW air-abrasive system;
  • treatment of gingivitis;
  • periodontal treatment: vector therapy, photodynamic therapy, ozone therapy and laser therapy;
  • in-office and home teeth whitening;
  • tooth remineralization: restoration of the enamel structure and prevention of tooth decay;
  • selection of individual oral hygiene products;
  • hygiene lessons.

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • "Hobbies are photography, traveling and active sports."

Doctor's advice:

  • "Don't forget to brush your teeth twice a day and go for an examination and professional hygiene every six months. Prevention is much easier and cheaper than treatment. A healthy and beautiful smile is the key to success!"

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Був сьогодні на прийомі.Найкращий лікар! Приємна,професійна,уважна.Залишився дуже задоволеним

– Роман07.11.2023

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