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Metal-ceramic crown

In modern dentistry, to restore the integrity of the dentition, aesthetic appearance, the installation of a metal-ceramic crown is very popular. Metal-ceramic prostheses are durable and affordable, very accurately mimic the natural color and luster of teeth, which provides them with positive feedback from a significant number of patients. And the affordable price and the presence of significant positive aspects in the choice of metal-ceramic crowns make this type of prosthesis one of the most popular in Ukraine.

The structure of the crown of cermets

The prosthesis is based on a metal frame, which is made of an alloy of one or more metals. Most often it is nickel-chromium or cobalt-chromium alloys, but it is possible to use other metals such as gold, platinum, palladium. The finished frame is lined with ceramics, which are applied in layers. Each layer is baked at a high temperature in a special oven. The firing gives the crown such functional characteristics as hardness and strength. Also, the processing process contributes to the acquisition of adhesive properties of materials, resulting in both parts of the crown becomes a single unit. The color of the product is carefully selected, so for a professional look, it will be no different from the natural shade of your teeth.

Regarding the design features of crowns, metal-ceramic crowns on teeth can be made in the form of single and bridge dentures. Single crowns are used for direct prosthetics and implant placement. Bridge structures are an excellent solution in the absence of one or more teeth in a row.

Indications for installation of a metal-ceramic crown

  • tooth destruction by 50% or more as a result of extensive carious process or injury, when it is already irrational to install a filling;
  • tooth removal or loss;
  • tooth discoloration that is not amenable to professional whitening procedures;
  • deformation of teeth;
  • non-carious lesions of tooth enamel (fluorosis, wedge-shaped defect, enamel hypoplasia, pathological abrasion of teeth).

There are also contraindications:

  • Individual intolerance of used alloys and materials.
  • Some occlusal defects.
  • The small size of the crown of the tooth.
  • Pathological mobility of teeth.
  • The presence of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.
  • Parafunction of masticatory muscles, bruxism.

How is the crown installed in Kyiv?

At the preparatory stage, the dentist examines the oral cavity, assesses the condition of the teeth and the approximate amount of work. Before prosthetics, it is necessary to treat all inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and carious processes, to carry out professional cleaning to eliminate plaque and tartar. Additionally, the specialist may prescribe an examination (radiography, CT). The next stage is the preparation of the tooth for prosthetics, which includes depulping - removal of the neurovascular bundle of the tooth, and turning under the crown. The decision on the appropriateness of depulpation is made by a doctor after a thorough examination and full diagnosis of the patient. After turning, impressions are taken from the teeth and a plaster model is made, based on which, the dental technician creates a prosthesis from the selected material. At the time of making metal-ceramic crowns, the patient may be offered the installation of temporary prostheses, often made of plastic. When the design is ready, the patient is invited for fitting, if necessary, the crown is ground and ground and then glued to a strong dental cement.

The process of fixing the finished crowns takes from 30 to 60 minutes.

Advantages of installation of a metal-ceramic crown:

  • strength and ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • excellent aesthetic characteristics;
  • versatility: the metal-ceramic crown is suitable for both front and masticatory teeth;
  • long term of use - at the correct care the prosthesis is capable to serve 10 years and more;
  • high biocompatibility of materials;
  • the tight fit of the crown eliminates the ingress of bacteria and the development of caries;
  • resistance of the prosthesis to various dyes;
  • affordable price.

Of course, there are negative aspects, such as a possible allergic reaction to the metal and the need to grind the tooth, depulping before installing a metal-ceramic crown. In some cases, it is possible to illuminate the metal frame through a layer of ceramic coating. This situation leads to the appearance of an unaesthetic edge in the area of the crown around the restored tooth. As you can see, the disadvantages of metal-ceramic crowns are, but the advantages are much greater.

Specialists of Dobrobut Dental Clinics in Kyiv will help you choose and install the best version of crowns for you. At your service are highly qualified doctors, modern equipment, the latest materials and technologies of treatment, and prosthetics at an affordable price.


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Metal-ceramic crown

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