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Ceramic crown

A few years ago, the most popular method of prosthetic teeth to restore their functionality was the installation of metal crowns. However, their unaesthetic appearance could cause discomfort to the patient. Modern dentistry does not stand still, specialists create new and improve old methods of dental treatment every day. Therefore, today came to the fore ceramic crowns - the most aesthetic orthopedic structures that are installed both in the area of the smile and on the masticatory teeth. In Ukraine, the prices of ceramic dental crowns are higher than those of metal ones, but their naturalness and durability have largely determined the preferred choice of most patients who care about their appearance and can afford them based on financial capabilities.

Varieties of ceramic crowns

Dentures made of extruded ceramics have high strength, excellent aesthetic qualities, do not require strong turning of tooth tissues during installation. There are 2 types of all-ceramic crowns:

  • Empress: technology for making prostheses from leucite glass-ceramics.
  • E-max - the creation of crowns from lithium disilicate. The absence of pores in the material guarantees the strength and durability of its operation.

Crowns are created by pressing, firing in a special furnace, or by computer simulation.

The price of the procedure depends on the type of material and the number of teeth to be treated.

Specialists of Dobrobut dental clinics in Kyiv will help you choose the most suitable type of crowns. We work only with the best materials of perfect quality and use advanced methods of treatment. Our dentists will help you create a beautiful and healthy smile!

Why choose ceramic crowns?

  • it is highly aesthetic - ceramics perfectly refracts light, has small transparency therefore the tooth will differ in nothing from natural;
  • prostheses have high biocompatibility, do not cause allergic reactions;
  • they are comfortable - are made on the special equipment, have an anatomic form, and provide an anatomic bite;
  • the ceramic crown made of the integral pressed block of ceramics, has excellent durability, perfectly maintains chewing loadings, and, at the correct care, will serve for many years;
  • the prosthesis is close to the tooth surface, so the risk of carious or other inflammatory processes under the crown is excluded;
  • the design has low weight and has compactness that considerably facilitates the process of adaptation after prosthetics;
  • the crown differs in the preservation of the properties and appearance - does not change the structure and color under the influence of food, does not keep on itself a bacterial plaque.

The disadvantages of ceramic crowns include a relatively high cost, but their advantages justify the price.

Stages of installation of a ceramic dental crown

Like any prosthesis, the installation begins with the preparation of the oral cavity. The specialist treats all teeth, replaces poor-quality fillings, conducts endodontic treatment if necessary. Then a slight turning of the surface layer of enamel is done to give the tooth the desired shape. After that, proceed directly to the orthopedic stage: the doctor removes the casts from the dentition and passes them to the dental technician. The process of creating a ceramic crown can take about 2 weeks. At this time, the patient is offered the installation of a temporary crown to correct aesthetic data, preserve the functionality of the teeth, and gradually adapt to the prosthesis. If the crown is placed on an implant, the artificial root is implanted first.

When the crown is ready, the specialist invites the patient to fix the prosthesis. The procedure is performed using special cement or primer that is polymerized with light.

Only an experienced orthopedic dentist should perform prosthetics correctly. These are exactly what works at Dobrobut dental clinics! To sign up for the installation of a ceramic crown on a tooth - call the numbers of our call center 24/7 or choose a convenient time to visit directly on the site!


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Ceramic crown

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